#225 – Nikita Koloff v Tully Blanchard, August 17, 1987, NWA WorldWide

This week on the OSWP we talk about an amazing match between Nikita Koloff and Tully Blanchard. In the second half Black Cat talks about NXT Takeover Chicago and the return of the Quick 123!

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  1. 9 Iron Sheik says:

    First off, Tully Blanchard’s biggest contribution to the wrestling business is his daughter Tessa.

    Jerry Lynn tops my list as great wrestler without a big legacy to show for it. Exhibit 1: he is #201 in the OSWP 500. Even that idiot referee Nick Patrick is higher than him. Anyhow, Jerry was a heck of an athlete and from what Hardcore Badass tells me he is also a great guy.

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