#221 – Bill Watts and Stagger Lee v Midnight Express, April 7, 1984

On the new OSWP, Dre and Black Cat are joined by Robert from the Atomic Elbow to discuss a classic feud between Bill Watts, Jim Cornette, and the Midnight Express. Please support the show by visiting our merch store at flairchop.com or by visiting our new PATREON page at patreon.com/oswp – premium donors have access to our new BEST OF WRESTLEMANIA episode! We’ll see you…at the matches!


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  1. oswp hall of famer the burning zone says:

    PWI RANKINGS April 18 1984 MID SOUTH


    2 Magnum T. A.

    3 Terry Taylor

    4 Nikolai Volkoff

    5 Sheik Abdullah
    6 Krusher Kruschev
    7 Butch Reed
    8 Lanny Poffo
    9 Kamala
    10 Joe Savoldi

  2. LastVonErich says:

    Any chance Bill Watts really found JYD on The Hardy Compound in North Carolina?

  3. LastVonErich says:

    One other note … if Watts was younger what kind of feud could he have had with Vince McMahon? Imagine Vince trying to make The Cowboy join the Kiss My Ass Club?

  4. LastVonErich says:

    Sorry but I never want Al Madril talked about in the same vain as apartment wrestling. #veryunnecessarythought

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