#219 – King Kong Bundy v Steve Gatorwolf, March 1, 1986

This week on the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and the Black Cat talk about the BIG BOYS and the night King Kong Bundy squashed Steve Gatorwolf’s dreams and broke Hulk Hogan’s ribs. Please support the OSWP by purchasing the Season 6 box set at flairchop.com! We’ll see you………………………………………….at the matches!



  1. Joe from Big Bean says:

    I listen to this episode at work and googled Steve Gatorwolf. This is Gatorwolf pro wrestling wiki page. Turns out he been a garbage human being.

    “Stephen Nathaneil Ketcher (born September 20, 1957) is a former American Professional wrestler known best by the ring name Steve Gatorwolf.

    Stephen Ketcher grew up in Florida, where he dropped out of high school in 1976 and later became a professional wrestler. He wrestled in the WWF from 1984 through 1990, mostly as a preliminary talent|preliminary wrestler. His planned push ended abruptly after his first televised match, where he forgot to perform a “war dance” after his match.He was relegated to “jobber” status, though he appeared in the music video for the song “Land of 1,000 Dances” from The Wrestling Album. Following his WWF tenure, he began promoting wrestling evens in the southwestern United States, mostly on American Indian tribal lands. He later branched out into unsanctioned “Toughman” and mixed martial arts events, and was arrested in Utah in 2008 for illegal fight club promoting. He had previously served two years in a Utah prison for aggravated assault convictions in 2001.

    On May 8, 2014, Ketcher turned himself into the sheriff’s department of Clay County, FL. He was wanted on a warrant issued in Mesa County, CO for seven felony counts of sexual assault of a child and seven counts of sexual assault against a 15-year-old girl who was the daughter of his friend. Mesa County authorities believe that Ketcher fled the state after being summoned for questioning, and Florida authorities were later notified, as Ketcher has family in the state and had been spotted in a casino. Law enforcement had undertaken a campaign in Jacksonville in an attempt to locate him. At the time of his arrest, he was not involved with professional wrestling in any capacity, and was working as a long-haul truck driver.”

  2. oswp hall of famer the burning zone says:

    First of all
    Imagine if this happened
    King Kong Bundy has Tito Santana down for the pin the ref counts to three . King Kong Bundy insists on the five count after arguing for a few seconds the ref goes down to do the count and Tito Santana some how kicks out and the referee signals the match continues and by some miracle Tito Santana gains the victory . The Brain complains in an interview that the match was over at the three count . The Referee comes along and says if he wants a five count then he has to life with what happens .

    You listed the wrong crocket cup tournament when listing the Bonus episode it was the 1987 episode not the 1988 episode .

    the September 1989 issue was the first PWI that I ever bought I entered to win the belts

    PWI Ranking febuary 7 1986


    Hulk Hogan
    1 Tito Santana
    2 Randy Savage
    3 Ricky Steamboat
    4 Paul Orndorff
    5 The Magnificent Muraco
    6 Terry Funk
    7 Hillbilly Jim
    8 Roddy Piper
    9 Junkyard Dog
    10 Adrian Adonis

    tag team rankings
    champion the Dream team
    1 Britsh Bulldogs

  3. Drew Money says:

    Bundy/Gatorwolf and Hogan/Muraco are a couple of my most viewed wrestling matches of all time. Although Saturday Night’s Main Event had already aired for a few months, this is the first one I had the wisdom to not to tape over, and instead, save for posterity. I’m sure it can still be found in somewhere in the recesses of my mom’s basement.

    For years, I watched this to the point where I had all the promos and commentary almost memorized. Ironically enough, I still haven’t watched Wrestlemania 2 to this day, other than seeing clips in various montages. After your stellar review, I think I’ll go to the network, give this awesome angle another look, and follow it up by finally watching the cruelly underrated King Kong Bundy take on Hulk Hogan in that big blue cage. I wonder who wins.


    F Steve Gatorwolf

  4. LAST Von Erich says:

    I liked Bam Bam but gotta say I preferred Crusher Yurkov.