#217 – Sid Vicious v Goldberg, Halloween Havoc, October 24, 1999

This week on the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and the Black Cat go back in time to discuss a match that happened right at the beginning of the Vince Russo era in WCW. They talk about their love for the master of the world, the craziness of WCW at the time, and actually get Vince himself on the phone to discuss what exactly he was thinking at the time including some of his ideas that never made it to television! Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting flairchop.com and buying something from the OSWP Merch store. We’ll see you…………at the matches!

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  1. the burning zone says:

    here was the wcw rankings October 14 1999
    Champion Sting
    1 Sid Vicious
    2 Bill Goldberg
    3 Chris Benoit
    4 Disco Inferno
    5 Hulk Hogan
    6 Billy Kidman
    7 Perry Saturn
    8 Diamond Dallas Page
    9 Rey Misterio, Jr.
    10 Rick Steiner

  2. Joseph says:

    Great episode. I have been a long time listener and even now with a large number of wrestling podcasts you guys keep me entertained and excited for when the next episode drops. Keep up the good work.

  3. Vindar says:

    I have been listening for over a year now and you guys have really gotten me interested in Old School Wrestling.

    With that being said, I have begun going through every episode of Nitro and after episode 2 of Nitro I found myself watching Fall Brawl ’95. It seems like a good show, some funny spots and a pretty good match between Marc Mero and Brian Pillman as the opener. Then you got a match between some 80’s character guys……reminded me of G.I. Joe. Then you have a decent match between DDP and the Renegade, then one between Flair and AA, followed by a War Games with Hogan, Savage, Luger, Sting v. the Dungeon of Doom.

    I really think you should look at that PPV….it doesnt seem you have looked at it before and I feel you would enjoy it.