#216 – Great Muta v Eddie Gilbert, NWA Power Hour, August 12, 1989

This week Dre and the Black Cat talk about an amazing match between the Great Muta and Eddie Gilbert! And Robert from the Atomic Elbow joins us in the second half of the show! It’s a great time! Support the OSWP by going to the OSWP Merch Store at gumroad/oswp and picking up a box set, t-shirt, or book!

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  1. the burning zone says:

    According to the pro wrestling illustrated here were the top 10 rankings for the nwa for july 14 1989



    Ric Flair

    1 Lex Luger

    2 Terry Funk

    3 Sting

    4 Ricky Steamboat

    5 The Great Muta

    6 Steve Williams
    7 Mike Rotundo

    8 Eddie Gilbert
    9 Terry Gordy
    10 Rick Steiner

    • Black Cat says:

      I really like seeing this list…it provides some great context for the NWA scene at the time. Luger was US champ, I believe, and I think the US champ was always ranked 1st after the champ. Funk as the number two contender also makes perfect sense considering their feud at the time. Muta at #5 sounds about right. They pushed him HUGE and at the time I always thought he was a real threat.

  2. Colby says:

    I’m not sure if you guys know about this or not but not only is Muta’s mist deadly….it’s also very….fertile. In 2007 Muta used his mist to impregnate a woman in Japan for Tajiri’s Hustle 1 promotion. Everyone is fully clothed during the encounter so no need to dim the lights and lock the doors. Missy Hyatt was lucky to get the shot in the face and not downstairs. This causes the birth of “Monster Bono” from an egg. Think WCW Kiss Demon but there’s no Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley and it’s with Japanese Anime story telling. Also, yes “Monster Bono” is Akebono…the same guy that was in a Sumo Match with the Big Show at Wrestlemania 21.

    This segment/story line is 10 years old now so it fits the bill for the “Old School Wrestling Podcast”. I was able to provide you the Swimming Pool Deathmatch from FMW. Maybe lighting can strike twice and you will decide to review this. I’ll provide a link that breaks everything down and also has a Youtube link.


    • Black Cat says:

      Thank you, Colby, for providing the content for the second half of the next show. Great feedback and thanks for listening for so many years!

  3. Paul E Cautiously says:

    Been on board since episode 80 and have all the box sets, but I have one question: is it “their own slant and comedic view” or “slanted comedic view” in the intro?