Episode #20 – Abdullah vs Dusty MINICAST!

This week we get old school hardcore with an old Abdullah the Butcher vs Dusty Rhodes match from Japan in 1983 (exact date unknown), discuss the upcoming GIGANTIC 25th EPISODE!, flying elbows, and, of course, FORKS!

This episode has been archived in the Season 1 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. I am seriously surprised Black Cat likes Abby, given what kind of wrestling I thought Black Cat was into. The Butcher is something different, and a classic old school character that’s for sure.

    You guys are aware there’s nearly two minutes of silence between the opening theme and the first spoken word right?

    I always have, and always will love love love Dre’s Dusty impression.

    The match was probably in All Japan probably more because of Dusty’s NWA ties. I believe during that time NWA was buddy buddy with All Japan and WWF with New Japan. But Abby would jump back and forth between the two, depending on who was paying him more at the time. I think I read that in Dynamite’s book.

    I gotta thank you for the shout out in reference to Abby’s “I came in, business went up…” story. That’s one of Zero’s and my favorites.

    Black Cat, can I get a pic of your Abby figure in your office with the fork? That just sounds hilarious.

    Is it safe to assume that’s the Butcher at the end of the audio saying he needs two seats? Was he talking about riding on an airplane?

    Great podcast as always. Someone needs to get you a pre-recorded opening 🙂

    • Black Cat says:

      There’s audio during those two minutes, but only in the right channel for some reason. Make sure you have both headphones in or don’t have your speakers all in the left channel. If I get time I’ll post a new version.

  2. Black Cat says:

    I decided I don’t care enough to equalize the channels for a two minutes youtube clip, so everyone just make sure you have both earphones in when you listen to it. 🙂 I’ll refund everyone’s subscription fees for the trouble.

  3. Black Cat says:

    Hardcore –

    I will respond to your comment about why I enjoy Abdullah in our Abdullah Part 2 minicast that will be upcoming after the GIGANTIC EPISODE #25 and I will certainly post a picture of my Abdullah figure in my office.

    Yes, that was Abdullah speaking at the end –


    And I’m very excited about the intro I hear you are going to do for us!

  4. Ah crap only my left ear bud works. That would explain why I couldn’t hear the audio though.

  5. David Lo Pan says:

    Is it just me or does that Abdullah sound byte at the end sound exactly like a Bill Cosby impersonator. “I need two seats…Ruuuudddyyy….with the jell-o and the puddin pop. Hey hey hey, its faaaat Abby”

  6. Black Cat says:

    DLP – Awesome. If you can do a decent Bill Cosby impression and have the means, send us an audio clip of that and we’ll drop it it. Ideally with the Fat Albert theme in the background.