#215 – Little Mr. T & Cowboy Lang v Lord Littlebrook & Little Tokyo, April 20, 1986

On the first episode of 2018, Dre and the Black Cat talk about this tag team match from WrestleRock ’86 involving Little Mr. T, Cowboy Lang, Lord Littlebrook, and Little Tokyo.

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  1. the burning zone says:

    my favourite midget match was one on stampede or might have been cnwa wrestling between little hotstuf vs coconut willie were one of them pinned the ref while the other one counted the 3 count . The ref had to explain that he had to pin the other guy not him

  2. Paul E Cautiously says:

    Interesting that on your first “shorter” podcast you choose to cover mini-wrestlers…

    I for one, have always enjoyed your long-winded tangents on things like Desert Storm trading cards (“be dialing”), Zubaz pants, or whatever.

    I would also like to point out that you spoke more excitedly about the demolition of old stadiums than the Demolition of the WWF.

    Keep up the great work!

  3. LAST Von Erich says:

    How on earth did ECW never get into midget wrestling? Also with the success of GLOW on Netflix I wonder if they might do a midget version. Sounds intriguing. As always great show.

  4. Colby says:

    So I have a quick story about Sid. I’m from the South Alabama/Florida Panhandle area. I use to work shows with older guys that used to work with Continental Championship Wrestling. A gentleman who was a ref at every show I worked from 2003-2012. His name is Murray.

    Anyhow, just a little back story. Sid worked in the Continental area as Lord Humongous. He looked exactly as the main villain from The Road Warrior movie starring everyone’s favorite lunatic Mel Gibson. Hockey mask, physique, etc. Murray was Sid’s handler and drove him town to town all across South Alabama & the Florida Panhandle. Well as the story goes one night, late, Murray is driving Sid from Dothan to Pensacola. Murray use to sat Sid never talked much, just kept to himself. They were listening to the radio and Sid reaches over, places both hands around Murray’s throat, squeezing the life out of him. This goes on for 15 to 20 seconds. They are swerving all over the road and there isn’t any traffic on these Alabama county 2 lane roads. Murray is just about to black out and Sid lets go. He goes back to his side of the car and both act like nothing ever happened! Murray gets Sid to the motel, not hotel. He finds the booker Bullet Bob Armstrong and let’s him know what happened. He still drove him to the next town the next night.

    I know all of this to be fact as I heard Bob rib Murray backstage at a show about it in 2010. Bob says, “I’m sure that big bastard was just ribbin’ you!” To which Murray replies, “THE MOTHER FUCKER WAS TRYING TO KILL ME!” Bob just laughed and walked off smoking his cigarette.

    Psycho Sid wasn’t portraying a character, he was living the gimmick.