Episode #19 – Summerslam 1992

In this episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast we break down the infamous Summerslam 1992 – host to one of the greatest technical matches in WWFE history – BROTHER VS BROTHER-IN-LAW – HART VS BULLDOG with the added bonus of the worst promo ever by Diana Hart and we get a wacky technical match with…the Warrior?

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  1. Uncle Soda says:

    Yes!! I’ve hoping to get your take on this. Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Uncle Soda says:

    What a classic event, and another bull’s eye with the Podcast.

    For once I can provide some filler info.

    Nailz did actually go to WCW after getting fired from WWF. I think he was called the Convict there. And the incident with Vince McMahon is said to have included choking as well. He testified in the steroid trial and his input was completely ignored after he admitted to “hating Vince mcMahon’s guts” during the hearing.

    And Rocco was introduced with vignettes on WWF TV where Paul Ellering took Animal & Hawk back to Chicago and their roots, and in one clip Ellering found Rocco in a backyard. Apparently Rocco had been with them back in the day, and Ellering said they had now found what they had been missing.

    I was actually in London on this day, and didn’t bother to go to the show because my friends weren’t fans. I wish Rocco had been there to set me straight.

  3. Black Cat says:

    Uncle Soda – I hope you regret not going to this show! Thanks for the info on Nailz…guess I didn’t follow his career as closely as I thought I had. And after learning about how Rocco came about I’d like to now forget that bit of info that tarnishes my memories of the bad ass Road Warriors of the 80s.

  4. David Lo Pan says:

    I guess Hawk HATED that gimmick, like almost as much as the fans did. In Bret Harts book (or as I call the Canadian Bible) he states that was part of the reason he showed up to summerslam in a walking coma. He and Vince weren’t on speaking terms (he and his liver also weren’t on speaking terms) and I think he left the company right after this match.

  5. I have way less to say than usual. You guys covered just about everything and Uncle Soda and David Lo Pan took care of most of the added information I had.

    I liked Dre’s impression of a British kid at the beginning of the audio. It sounded more like Julia Childs.

    The only thing else I have to add about Nailz was he did wrestle Sting on a WCW PPV.

    I adored the Lord Alfred Hayes story about not working for McMahon after he said he’d pay him half what he was paying him.

    From my memory, John Tenta always worked his ass off.

    I had never thought about the Crush – Repo Man connection being a Demolition explodes situation. That was kinda surreal.

    Pipes had Stone Cold on the Piper’s Pit at Wrestlemania 21 in L.A. Pipes and Carlito got stunners for their troubles.

    My favorite Owen Hart promo was after Royal Rumble ’94 after he turned on Bret during their tag match against the Quebecers, saying it felt good when he kicked Bret’s leg out of his leg. He paused and stared blankly after saying it, knowing he just messed up.

    You could play a drinking game for this podcast: drink every time Dre cusses.

    I liked the “sharpest knife in the toolbox” comment of Dre’s. Very nice.

    Not to take anything from Owen, but Dre rocked this podcast with clarification and back stories. Very very nice.

    Who was that at the end of the audio talking about WWE 7-11 Big Gulps and singing the Orton theme?

    • Black Cat says:

      Hardcore – You are clearly showing favoritism towards one host and I am very disappointed. You will now receive three Cat’s Cradles at a time to be determined.

      Dre’s brit accent was possibly my favorite part of this episode and, yes, he schooled all of his in this episode. Thank you, Professor Dre.

    • Black Cat says:

      I will post a link to the YouTube video with the orton thing. It’s a series of videos that’s been making the rounds on wrestling message boards.

  6. David Lo Pan says:

    Hardcore reminded me of something. The whole Owen “kicked your leg out of your…..leg” promo should be proof positive that Owen was really bad at promos. Bret on the other hand wasn’t acutally bad, he just wasn’t interesting. That is until he found his promo niche talking shit about us yankees and trading shoot wars with HBK on live TV. Ahhh…those were the days……..point is Bret, not Owen, was the one in the family who had the interview skills.

  7. I am fearful that my never having experienced the pain and agony that is the Cat’s Cradle, let alone three, will cause me to lose sleep until it’s over with. I know this because of Zero’s stories. Also, not that I was ever in “ring shape” but I’m certainly not in it now, and it makes me fear the Cat’s Cradle(s) that much more.

  8. Black Cat says:

    DLP – No one in that family could talk. Not a single person. Maybe Bruce. He seems like he’d be spunky enough to give a good promo.

  9. Black Cat says:

    Hardcore – I’ve posted that Orton video on the front page. Enjoy!

  10. I love your reviews of old WWF PPVs, especially if they are between 1992 and 1997. Please keep doing them.

  11. Trak9 says:

    I believe someone already said it, but Nailz did show up in WCW as the Prisoner in 1993 for a short feud wit Sting. According to the Wrestlecrap book released in 2003 Nailz did testify against Vince McMahon at McMahon’s steroid trial and said “I hate Vince McMahon.” His testimony backfired and helped Vince win his case.

    I beleive JJ Dillon wrote about Lord Afred Hayes leaving in his book. Sean Mooney by the way currently works for Fox Sports Arizona.