#214 – OSWP Holiday Office Party 2017!

On the 214th episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and the Black Cat celebrate the holidays by reviewing two crappy matches they gave to each other – Jay Leno & DDP vs Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff and CM Punk vs Chris Hero in a 90 minutes 2/3 falls match. In the second half the Macho Claus stops by with the gift of a 30 minute radio drama entitled “McSCROOGED” – a touching yet horrifying tale about Stephanie McScrooge and her attempts to exploit the most vulnerable in the world to make a quick buck.

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  1. Colby says:

    Hey guys I wanted to take a moment and say thanks for another great episode. To be honest I haven’t finished it yet due to my commute to work taking 45 mins to an hour. I’m also severely behind due to the holidays.

    With that being said Dre has kept me laughing the majority of the episode. I’m 32 years old so the majority of the topics you both cover are still fresh in my mind. In regards to this episode alone I believe Dre’s imitation of Jay Leno was spot on. When he was doing the “Have you heard this?” bit I could totally image Jay placing his hands in and out of his pants pockets a gazillion times. My parents watched Jay a ton while I was growing up and I never found him to be entertaining, but Conan was where it was at. Conan I believe had more love for the wrestling business and I believe he was a fan. I still remember in 93 or 94 when Yokozuna was a guest on his show.

    Could you imagine for a moment if instead of Lex Luger it was Conan O’Brien that slammed Yoko on that battleship? Wrestlemania X would have been in front of a studio audience. Conan would win the World Wrestling Federation Championship with a school boy. Roddy Piper would raise his hand and the commentators would yell “O’BRIEN! O’BRIEN! O’BRIEN!” while Sparkplug Holly held him on his shoulders. What could’ve been right?

    Also, Dre made a comment stating “Independent Wrestling commentators” are the worst. I would know because I was a analyst guy for a “syndicated” show for about 6 months in the Florida Panhandle. I would sit there and do my best to come up with one liners like Bobby Heenan. Sometimes I knocked them out of the park and more times that not I whiffed in the worst ways possible. Having to do 45 min episodes were so difficult. I can remember a time when myself and the color guy did voice overs for 4 hours worth of “TV”. We were so worn out and delirious. The director informed us we had one last match to do and we could leave. It was late at night on a Saturday and I had work to do the next day and the other guy had a 3 hour drive ahead of him. The director fires up this singles match, simple right? Nope. The guy had a valet that was a stripper. I know because the color guy got a lap dance from her the night before. Long story short we go on a 6 min tirade of calling her a different stripper name each time she pops up on screen. The director never told us to cut and his face was so red you thought he was going to have aneurysm. After the taped stopped rolling the color guy and I cried laughing while the rest of the staff wasn’t amused. We ended up recording the commentary a 2nd time. Too bad the recording doesn’t exist anymore. Like Dre said, “Independent Wrestling commentators are the worst”.