#212 – Mankind v Undertaker, October 20, 1996

This week we talk about Mankind taking on the Undertaker in the first ever BURIED ALIVE MATCH from In Your House 11: BURIED ALIVE. We also talk to the Huckster in the 2nd half regarding his recent feud with BROTHER BRUTI. We’ll see you…at the matches.

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  1. Joe from Big Bean says:

    *reader note am writing this on three hour sleep. So some of the sentence won’t make too much sense*

    Yes, in the world of monster truck track building there is a dirt guy for the shows. They use local doctor of dirt for USHRA/Monster Jam or small regional leagues mainly use rodeo dirt or a darker type of dirt (clay mostly). It’s been awhile since I know the exact almost of dirt for a dome show, but a small arena show has 7,500 tons of dirt sum 300 dump trucks of dirt. Also a footnote I bet the dirt company had to make some good money because usually there is a Penda Monster Truck show couple weeks later at the RCA Dome. Maybe the quickest set up time for a monster jam show is less then 12 hours and that was because there was a AMA Supercross show the night before (Supercross is own by the same group as Monster Jam.

    WWF did make a action figure of the The Executioner which come out a year later with a action pack with Paul Bearer. One thing stuck out during the conversation of Michael Hayes new look and attitude is this song by Hank Williams Jr. “All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down”. For those who haven’t heard it before the song is about Hanks Jr friends and how they become adults, put away the wild days.

    I guess now you can re work some of the lyrics such as “Am glad Jake Roberts is getting straight,Jimmy is flying planes and loving Precious more these days.Stan doesn’t act like he did in Japan in 1988. Michael is in New York making movies these days. No body want to get drunk and get loud. All my rowdy friends have settled down”