#211 – Fritz Von Erich vs King Kong Bundy, June 4, 1982

On the newest OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat are joined by Robert from the Atomic Elbow to review Fritz Von Erich’s RETIREMENT MATCH against King Kong Bundy (with hair!). Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and buying a shirt, box set, or book. We’ll see you….at the matches!



  1. Last Von Erich says:

    If you ever go back to Dallas, you have to go to the Baylor Medical Center to see a mold of Fritz Von Erich’s hand. See WCCW March 14, 1987 around 15:22 for more exciting information. It is a hilarious segment.

  2. LAST Von Erich says:

    I also loved Bundys back story on how he came from the oil fields of Alaska back in the early 80’s looking for a challenge because that on just wasn’t tough enough.

  3. Jermz says:

    I notice whenever Dre talks about The Von Erich Family, he mentions “Jackie” as the youngest brother. But I think actually means Chris. Jackie was the baby who passed away at age 6 back in the 1960s. Chris is the youngest brother who came years after the other brothers, and looked like Kerry if he had been left in the dryer too long.