#210 – Tennessee Street Fight, Memphis, June 25, 1984

On the 8th anniversary of the OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat discuss this bloody, gory classic between Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert and Phil Hickerson & The Spoiler. Join us as we talk classic 80s Memphis, have a visit from the Rock, and have a good ‘ol time on the 210th episode of the OSWP. Go over to flairchop.com to support the show by purchasing a box set of old episodes, an OSWP t-shirt, one of our books, a poster, trading cards. JUST HELP US OUT! We’ll see you….at the matches.



  1. LAST Von Erich says:

    Phil Hickerson will always be P Y Chu I to me. Amazing to think Dustin Rhodes may be the last active wrestler to have faced this legend. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=myvpPzMlDx0

  2. I always liked how Lance Russell would never get mad at the heels. He’d only get very disappointed.

    And if you’ve ever had a parent tell you he or she is disappointed in you, you know that’s way worse than being mad.

  3. Russell says:

    I reckon he’s Powerdad 5000 cus he likes the band Powerman 5000 (Rob Zombie’s brothers band)

  4. Colby says:

    I haven’t commented in years but I wanted to say that it’s awesome that after all this time you guys advertise the Exploding Ring Pool Deathmatch that I suggested around Halloween 2014.

    I suggested that match to you guys around the time I started my new job with data company. I was having a tough time and was considering quitting and would listen to your podcast every day during lunch so it got me through some tough times as a newbie. Anyhow I remember suggesting that match to you guys on Twitter I think and Black Cat jumped on it. Still my favorite episode.

    3 years later and I’m still with the same company and thriving. You guys helped me escape reality everyday at lunch. I still have the stickers left over that you guys sent me in 2010 for leaving you a review on iTunes. So thank you Black Cat and Dre! You guys are the best.