#209 – Cactus Jack v Sandman, June 27, 1995

This week the OSWP is on the road, talking about Sandman taking on Cactus Jack in a bloody BARBED WIRE MATCH. In the second half we talk feedback, Dre takes questions, and we discuss the Rock’s Instagram account. We’ll see you….at the matches!



  1. Sick Puppy says:

    Everybody Wants You is the song you meant , Everybody Wants Some is a Van Halen song , also Voltron is what you were thinking of , come on guys … sober up Gordon.

  2. Joe from Big Bean says:

    I own this match from original vhs “Barbwire Hoodies and Chokeslams” watch the date was June 17, 1995. The day before WWF’s King of the Ring event in Philly. This barbwire match is maybe my favorite watching as a kid. Cactus comes to the ring with “born to be wild” and wearing custom tee shirt of images of Bruiser Brody and Stan Hansen two men who wouldn’t shy away from barbwire either.

    Also this match has my favorite Joey Style line ever in ECW. About at 20:02 in to the segment of this match, someone threw a Hulk Hogan action figure looks to be like the LJN line, it’s clear as day. Joey goes “I think a fan threw a Hulk Hogan action figure into the ring. That’s the closes (Joey pause) that clown come close to a hardcore match up.” then Sandman throw’s it out to ringside.

    Summer of 1995 for ECW was dubbed the “summer of blood” between Ian & Axl Rotten, Gangstas-Public, and Raven-Tommy Dreamer feud. These three story line spilled enough blood to bank at Red Cross for ten years. Also it will be at the end of summer where Eliminators, Pit Bulls, and Steve Austin make a name for themselves in the history of the great Arena.

    Note this was the second barbwire match at the arena. The other being the year before with Public Enemy and The Funk Brothers at ECW’s Heat Wave 1994.