#206 – WrestleMania XV RAGE PARTY

On this week’s episode of the OSWP, Dre and the Black Cat open this wonderful time capsule from 1999 – The WrestleMania XV RAGE PARTY and in the second half we are joined by Jon “Bad News” Boucher to discuss his fascinating collection of wrestling memorabilia. To support the podcast go over to flairchop.com and pickup a box set, shirt, poster, or book! We’ll see you…at the matches!


  1. Jeffrey Thomas says:

    Keep up the great work! I’ve listened to other podcasts about old school wrestling, but they just don’t have as much fun as you guys do.
    I am doing a re-listen of each and every podcast you guys have created, starting with Box Set #1 and Wrestlemania III. I purchased it about six years ago when it first came out, but I haven’t purchased any of the others since.
    That is about to change. I am going to purchase the rest of them right now.
    Again, thanks for all the years of dedicated and FUN podcasting. If it is any consolation, the years have not been in vain, this is one happy customer right here.



  2. Joe from Big Bean says:

    When this pop up on my twitter feed and I totally forgot about this broadcast house party. Then once I started to listen to it at work today it dawn on me via a flashback of watching this in my old room. How much 12 year old me was soooooo disappointed not one wrestling match. I stayed up late to just see some wrestle. After a quick viewing of rave on my lunch break, what is neat during the segment with Shane-O-Mac and Debra in the background decor they re-used the Survivor Series Deadly Game skull from that November. Oh yes Stable dancing I’ve seen old ladies in walkers dance better then Stable.

    Also on the second half of the show with Jon’s wrestling memorabilia it had me thinking of what wrestling memorabilia I’ve would want. At least one chair use from ECW pay per view those custom paint jobs Balls & Axl would carry to the ring. The Hart Foundation custom jackets from 1997 which at least Bulldogs jacket since I still have his action figure with that same jacket. Hart Family House. What I say next is a serious statement I want is Hulk’s space suit costume from Suburban Commando. As always keep up the good work guys.