Episode #18 – Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam

Another fine mini-cast reviewing the WM 11 NOT-classic – Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam. Dre sings Whatta Man. ‘Nuff said.

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  1. Jason Mann says:

    Great podcast, though this was by far not the worst main event in Wrestlemania history. The WM13 Sid vs. Undertaker match is so unbelievably terrible, even for a Sid match. I’d suggest you review it, but I wouldn’t want to put you guys through that kind of agony.

    • Black Cat says:

      Jason – I actually had to sit through that match live – my only live WrestleMania experience. I would say I did get to see the classic Hart/Austin match that night but really I didn’t get to see a damn thing as 90% of the match was in the stands on the other side of Rosemont Horizon. Thanks for listening!

  2. David Lo Pan says:

    How was vince able to convince L.T. to main event Wrestlemania but not able to get him to play in the XFL? Now THAT I would have watched.

  3. Uncle Soda says:

    Wow, what’s worse, Black Cat – Being in the arena seeing UT/Sid or being there NOT seeing Bret/Austin?

    It’s funny how this match changes when you think about it as a WM main event. For a mixed match it was very impressive I think, but I agree – for a WM main event, not so much.

    The back-and-forth about the car ride cracked me up, and when “I have goosebumbs” was uttered in the background I had a fit in the metro. So thanks for making me look like a rambling idiot in public. It was worth it.

  4. Black Cat says:

    Uncle Soda – I’m just happy to be able to say I was at a WrestleMania. Hope to get back to another one someday when it comes to Midwest USA (St. Louis or Indianapolis – not really sure where they’d go in Chicago if they wanted a 60,000-80,000 arena).

    And we’re always happy to hear of public fits of laughter caused by our podcast!

  5. As usual, I’ve got a lot to say:

    While I agree Bammer vs. L.T. wasn’t a great match by a wrestling stand point, I enjoyed it far more than HHH vs. Orton from 25 and thought it was a better match than Hogan vs. Sid at 8.

    The build up started when Bammer and Tatanka (Buffalo) lost in tournament final at the Royal Rumble for the tag titles against 123 Kid and Sparky Plugg. Kid pinned Bammer, and L.T. had a laugh about it. He went to make amends with Bigelow by offering him his hand, but then Bigelow shoved him and walked off. On Raw, Bammer was forced to apologize but of course have a less than heart felt apology.

    I’m going to insist that there were plenty of rap songs at the time that were about killing and shooting. This was when the whole “gansta rap” craze was the rage. Snoop Dogg’s “What’s My Name?” had the “wave your hands like you just don’t care” line as well. I heard that line dates back to George Clinton, so it’s been around.

    I know what empty warehouse and lumber in the back of the car means 🙂

    Dre, thanks for giving props to Bammer for carrying this match. He deserves a lot of credit and was supposed to get a huge push as a fan favorite but someone (or group of people, like a clique of people) put a stop to that. Next thing you know, he’s jobbing to Goldust during Goldy’s initial WWF run. If you ever liked Bigelow or respect the guy’s memory, you should watch this match. It’s better than it has any right to be and credit to L.T. for taking Bammer’s moonsault!

    Diesel was actually pretty good back then and of course like most wrestlers worked well with Shawn. No way was Shawn gonna let Bammer and L.T. show him and his buddy up. I remember that match being quite good. When they replayed the two matches on FOX, they put L.T. and Bammer first, with Shawn and Diesel as the main.

    I heard they got L.T. to do the match because he was having some money issues as a result of his “personal demons”.

    Wrestlemania could (and most likely will) go back to Chicago. They were there a few years ago for 22. They’ll be back.

  6. Dre says:

    Hardcore Dumbass (clap clap clapclapclap) Hardcore Dumbass (clap clap clapclapclap)
    Love you Sweet Jimmy D

  7. Where’s the heat? 🙂

  8. Black Cat says:

    Hardcore – I stand by my statement they won’t go back to Chicago unless they start running WM at smaller venues or Chicago builds a bigger facility. Too bad y’all didn’t get the Olympics.