#205 – Samoa Joe v Kenta Kobashi, October 1, 2005

On this week’s podcast we revisit the five-star classic, Observer match of the year, SAMOA JOE V KENTA KOBASHI! Finally after 8 years we talk about RING OF HONOR. We are also joined by Robert from the Atomic Elbow in the second half of the show. Please visit flairchop.com to support the show by purchasing a box set, t-shirt, poster, book, trading cards, and so much more! We’ll see you…at the matches.


  1. ICOBro says:

    Love the show and never miss an episode or box set. However, as someone that eagerly waits for your new podcasts I am really bummed about this week’s topic and will be listening under protest!

    Old School Wrestling from 2005 ain’t old school in any book I can think, even Dre’s Pulitzer Prize Winning Wrestling book. I’d like to submit a OSWP year cap for the year 2000. Let the next generation of Black Cats and Dres make the Next Gen OSWP for the newer stuff.

  2. The Small Package says:

    As a longtime Ring of Honor fan I absolutely loved this episode. I especially enjoyed all the back story and memories you discussed. In fact, it was 45 minutes into the podcast before you even got to discussing the match itself and I enjoyed every minute of it. One thing I must correct you on is that ROH hails from Philadelphia, not New Jersey. (Sometimes we’re right, sometimes we’re wrong). They filled the void left by the demise of ECW and were based out of the old ECW Arena for many years. As someone local to the Philadelphia area I have attended several ROH shows, and yes, I have proudly sat in the front row and banged on the metal barricade. In fact, one of my all time wresting highlights was attending a match between AJ Styles and Michael Elgin that went to a 30 minute time limit draw. Both men wanted to continue but the referee refused to restart the match. I began to bang on the barricade and shout “RING-THE-BELL, RING-THE-BELL”. Soon the entire arena was chanting and clapping along with me. At a later show, I found the match DVD at the merch table and of course I bought it so I could relive my moment of glory over and over.

  3. Paul E Cautiously says:

    I love the podcast and have listened to every episode and I have never agreed with a single statement as much as “No, I’m not looking for Wings!”

    Thanks and if you ever spun off into a weekly deconstruction of old Night Court episodes I’d listen to every one of those as well

  4. Earthdog says:

    In Chicago and other ROH strong holds, do ROH DVDs end up in used DVD stores? I never see any here, but the Bay Area was never a ROH tour stop.