#201 – Mike Awesome v Taz, April 13, 2000

On the 201st episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast, Dre and Black Cat talk about a classic moment from the golden era of the wrestling boom where an WCW wrestling took on a WWF wrestler in an ECW ring for the ECW championship! We also get a visit from our good friend, LIZ HUNTER! Please support the OSWP by going to flairchop.com and buy some merch! We’ll see you…at the matches!


  1. The Convict says:

    Hey fellas,
    Thanks for the shout out on the most recent episode. Dre, I remember being in class with you but totally forgot about being your “Twitter” for the day then. I remember the classroom and sitting next to each other talking wrestling during it, though. Black Cat, I don’t think we had a class together but definitely remember talking wrestling with you too. Keep up the great work; love the show!

  2. We need an entire bonus episode of Dre and the Black Cat interviewing John B Macklemore. Gold plated mother fucking dimes!

    As far as the actual wrestling, I remember when this happened how crazy it all sounded. A WWF wrestler beat a WCW wrestler in an ECW ring for the ECW title. And how did WWF and WCW capitalize on this? Tazz jobbed to HHH on Smackdown, and Mike Awesome became a hippie who enjoyed large women. And somehow ECW is the one that folded after this.

    I was so disappointed with how WWF dropped the ball with Tazz. I don’t know if it was because he was so much shorter than the other guys, but he came in and destroyed Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble. And he never really did anything after that. Unless you count teaming with Spike Dudley and breaking a candy jar over JR’s head. Or was he the one that got destroyed by candy? I’ve blocked it out I think.

    Anyways, great show as usual guys! A great start to the next 200 episodes!

  3. Last Von Erich says:

    Too bad Liz Hunter wasn’t able to put Abdullah the Butcher in touch with DDP. Could have saved his career.

  4. theburningzone says:

    should I list the match as a wcw,wwf or ecw match or all 3