#200 – Clash of the Champions I

On the 200th episode of the Old School Wrestling Podcast, we go back to where we started almost nine years ago by revisiting the very first show we reviewed, the classic NWA show, Clash of the Champions I. We also announce the winner of the STING FACEPAINT CONTEST! Thanks for listening all these years! We’ll see you…at the matches.


One Comment

  1. Vindar says:

    First off, congradulations on reaching this milestone episode! Soon enough you will become the Raw of the Internet and become the longest running episodic old school wresling podcast in the world!

    Anyway, the Flair v. Sting match reminded me of an experience I had at an old auctionhouse right up the road from where I live. About four years aho, me ansd my mothers now ex-boyfriend rode up to the aforementioned auctionhouse. After a few hours of sitting there and not finding anything that we liked, we were about to leave when this binder was pulled out and put on the auction table. It was filled with gintage trading cards, but not any old cards….1991 WCW Trading Cards.

    So…after about three minutes of not so intense bidding we got the binder and went home. In this….I found cards of people I had never even heard of (and cant name off the top of my heax) along with cards of old legends I that I got to watch on WWE television on the 2000s onwards. They had Flair, Steamboat, The Steiner Brothers, Jim Ross, and many more.

    But as I flipped to the back, I found myself looking at a page dedicated to the Surfer Sting. It looked as though the previous owner had been a Sting fan back in the day. She even tool pride in the fact she knew his real names and wrote it in neon highlighter on the page. I was curious, wondering if this man was the same black-abd-white painted Sting that was on TNA with the Main Event Mafia. After some breif research, I found out it was and showed it all to my mom…who also adored Sting in her younger years.

    She still, to this day, refuses to say those two versions of Sting are the same man.