#198 – James Boys v Midnight Express, May 1986

On the OSWP this week, Dre and the Black Cat travel back to 1986 to discuss the classic battles between the James Boys, who many THINK were Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA, and the Midnight Express and their manager Jim Cornette. In the second half, we debut a new spin-off podcast feature DIAMOND DAVID LEE ROTH.



  1. Posh says:

    The magnum talk in the intro made me think. Why did president Dream not send the New Breed back to a point before Magnums accident, and give his buddy a message about safe driving?

  2. Joe from Big Bean says:

    Enjoyed this unique time in JCP when James Boys had their mini feud with Midnight Express. One topic was mention was local television stations and their local commercials. I use to record trucks on Sunday Night-Monday Morning and few local St. Louis commercials would air between the segments. One commercial I remember was for a mattress (or was it a rug) store where two plus size ladies wearing Miss Elizabeth type red sparkle dresses while on a flying carpet with the Arch in the green screen background. Another would be for the local Ford dealership or the Alton Belle Casino. Also there where few great bummers for KPLR 50th anny celebration in ’94. This was also the first time I was introduce to yes Diamond David because they would run the commercials of best of the 80’s on c.d. and cassette for only $29.99. I hated those commercials because it seem they took forever to get the program back on. Maybe the greatest local commercial was for six flag’s Fright Fest in ’96 “Deadman’s Ally” they really step up the production of those commercials. Thank the good man up stairs for coming up with youtube so I don’t have to sit thru a “My pillow” or some dumb spot for “Roomba” never EVERRRRRRRR again! P.s. Can’t wait for episode 200.