Bonus Episode – OSWP Sting Face Paint Contest Announcement!

Quick bonus episode discussing the OSWP Sting Face Paint Contest. We also do a Quick 123 discussing the best and worst face painted wrestlers of all time. The winner will be announced on the 200th episode and will receive an incredible OSWP prize package!


Save this image to your computer, print it out and color it in. Digital art on your computer is also encouraged! Email final results to or on Twitter to @flairchops!

One Comment

  1. Mark richmond says:

    Listening to you mention looking for old Apter mags you had reminding me of the time I was moving out of state years ago and was down sizing.I left my huge collection of apter mags on the curb.I even left my original program from the first wrestlemania I attended with my Dad.Hopefully they ended up in a good home….

    The worse facemakeup had to be the Missing Link.It’s like he never even tried.