#195 – Pro Wrestling USA, October 6, 1984

This week Dre and the Black Cat review the very first episode of a short-lived experiment between the AWA, NWA, and Memphis wrestling called “Pro Wrestling USA.” Please support the show by visiting flairchop.com and buying a box set, shirt, poster, or a book. We’ll see you…at the matches!



  1. Milky White Mulkey says:

    Hey guys, hearing you talk about the Nightmares on your show about Pro Wrestling USA this week brought back some memories about them from days when Memphis wrestling was being broadcast on my local station on Saturday morning. From what I remember the Nightmares didn’t continue to wear their masks for too much longer. They would unmask and wrestle with the red and silver stars that were over one eye of their masks now simply painted over one eye. One of the Nightmares was Danny Davis, who would go on to be the head of OVW. The team would break up after a short time, leaving Davis as singles wrestler having some pretty good mid card success, all the while still having that red and silver star painted over his eye, making him look like a cheap Halloween version of Paul Stanley from Kiss.

  2. JRC says:

    Guys, I’m freaking out.