#194 – Steve Austin v Vince McMahon, February 14, 1999

This week on this podcast, Dre and the Black Cat discuss the classic steel cage match between Austin and McMahon that includes the BIG debut of the Big Show. They also talk New Years predictions….for 1989! If you enjoy the show, please go over to flairchop.com and buy a box set with old and bonus episodes, an OSWP t-shirt, a poster, or the OSWP 500 book! We’ll see you…at the matches!


  1. Bobby's Brainscan says:

    Another great show, guys. One question though – When did you change the intro/outro music back to the original one? I only just realised?!?

    It must have been my broadcast journalist skills that caught that.

    Happy New Year

  2. 9 Iron Sheik says:

    Thanks for such an amazing episode guys. A true 6 star performance from the boys of the OSWP.

    First off, as a recent college graduate I loved hearing you guys talk about watching wrestling with your pals. I have many college stories from my days. I had more stories about playing on my college golf team than I did watching wrestling with my friends. However I do remember being on the road for matches watching wrestling in hotels across several states.

    Secondly, this era is my first memories of wrestling. I loved Stone Cold during his run with McMahon. In 1995 I was five years old. I remember getting this tape from family video. I also remember Vince winning the rumble and I was about as mad as a five year old could get. I even emulated some of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s verbiage after that match. When Austin’s feet hit the floor I yelled out “man am I pissed off”. I had heard Austin say it once when he was mad. I got in a lot of trouble because my mom heard me say it. As I was pissed off my dad told me to get the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre tape next. When I saw that Austin would face Vince I was so excited. I loved watching that cage match.

    Thank you for making me think about such an exciting childhood memory.

  3. Paul E Cautiosly says:

    Love the podcast! This week really brought back great high school memories, where instead of worrying about going out spending money on some girl, I was at home watching a scrambled PPV eating potato skins…ahh the 90s. Just thinking about it makes wish the WWE Network had an option to watch the old PPVs with a scrambled filter, just for old times’ sake.

  4. Darrin says:

    Hi guys. Fun episode as always. Your review of the 1989 predictions from PWI Year end issue reminded me of another article from one of the other PWI magazines. They published an article that detailed a “psychic’s” predictions for the next 10 years. If you could track down that article and go over each prediction to see which, if any of them came true, I think that would make a fun segment. Unfortunately, I don’t recall the exact date and magazine it came from. I believe it was sometime in 1989, maybe 1988. Perhaps one of the listeners also remembers this and can help track it down.

    Anyway, it’s just a suggestion.

  5. Joe from Big Bean says:

    I still remember watching this on the pay per view but it was scramble and I was SHOCKED when Giant jumped to WWF. The next morning after this Pay Per View I still remember hanging out on the bleachers at the start of the school day and the gym teacher assistant come up to myself and few school mates. Now I was the kid who wore the wrestling t shirts almost every day and the teaching assistant knew I was a mega wresting fan. So he comes over and says “Hey I used to teach Paul Wight while he was at SIUE (Southern Illinois U at Edwardsville)basketball team.” For a long I thought he was full of crap until I read Big Show Wikipedia page. Also I remember around this time or in late May when Raw was in St. Louis. Either St. Louis Post Dispatch or Alton Telegraph ran a story on Big Show I don’t remember too much about it just seeing his photo from 1993-ish. On a side note of Dre running into wrestlers after shows. I meet Chris Harris when he was jobbing for WCW in fact his car along with the other jobbers was parked next to our car after a Thunder taping in Springfield.