#193 – OSWP Secret Office Holiday Party 2016

The holiday season is once again upon us, and it’s time for the OSWP Office Holiday party. Unfortunately this year we are being ruled by the evil hand of Robert from the Atomic Elbow (who has a new issue out) so we must travel to an undisclosed location hidden far, far away from Robert. Can the Macho Claus find us even without a forwarding address? Listen and find out! We also review two great tag team matches – the first from 1985 between Tito Santana and Ricky Steamboat vs Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake and the second between Edge and Christian and the Los Conquistadores followed by a bonus review of TOTAL NONSTOP DELETION! Thanks for listening and we’ll see YOU…at the matches!



  1. Darrin says:

    Hi guys. Just wanted to correct you on one thing that you mentioned in this episode. You had said that the Conquistadors were always the first team eliminated in the Survivor Series. Well, they were only in 1 Survivor Series match in 1988. And they were actually the last team eliminated in the match, finally loosing to the Powers Of Pain. It was somewhat of a head scratcher as to why they went so long, since they never really did anything more with them after the PPV.

    Anyway, entertaining episode, as always. And Merry Christmas!

  2. Vindar says:

    Hey guys, great episode as always

    Anyway, when you started about Ricky Steamboat, it reminded me of a story my mom told me about him. You see, my mom works at a popular local pizza resturant in my area, it also happens that Steamboat lived in the area at the time and enjoyed stopping by there on ocassion. That being said, there was one particular afternoon, probably in 2002-2003, that Ricky got a little to drunk whilst he was at the resturant. That being said, he asked my mom if she wanted to learn an easy way to escape from a headlock. She said yes, and Ricky told my mom to put him in a headlock. After she locked it in, he bit her arm, she let go, and he said thats how you get out of a headlock.