#192 – Jack Brisco vs Black Jack Slade, World Championship Wrestling, 1973

By order of Robert from the Atomic Elbow, we are reviewing this classic from 1973 – a match between NWA Champion Jack Brisco and Black Jack Slade. Please support the OSWP by visiting flairchop.com and pick up some official merch. We’ll see you…at the matches!



  1. Robert says:

    We have a problem.

  2. Last Von Erich says:

    How can you talk about famous Australians and leave out The Wiggles? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16MmxCfhbOU Actually come to think of it, how did WCW never come out with a team inspired by The Wiggles. Imagine the WCW Wiggles Vs. Three Count Vs. Rap is Crap Guys Vs. Master P No Limit Soldiers. #$$$$$. Another great episode.

  3. Last Von Erich says:

    Oh yeah at least now I know what Abdullah the Butcher would look like if he ever tried DDP Yoga.

  4. Bobby's Brainscan says:

    Fight the power!

  5. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Hi Black Cat & Dire!
    What a fabulous episode! My wheelhouse is the 70’s, and you threw one at me that I haven’t heard since then! Black Jack Slade was in the WWWF for a cup of coffee back when Pedro Morales was champ. He sucked!! Loved NWA when Brisco was champ! He was a true face and over like Rover!! Great memories!! Speaking of Abby The Butcher, I had the pleasure of meeting him last month! He did a fanfest at the old ECW Arena. Although he is the nicest guy, sadly, the years haven’t been good to him! He needs the help of a walker to get around, as he needs a new hip. He has also sold his restaurant, so I can take that off of the old bucket list. Tommy Rogers, of The Fantastics” was his handler for the day, and took the cash from us marks that paid for pics and autographs. What a good dude he was!! As always, thanks for all you do! Hope you both have a Merry Christmas!!

  6. Vindar says:

    Hey, I’m a sixteen year old kid who just found your podcast whilst googling around the internet. I was actually looking for something that would keep me up to date with current events in wrestling since I have not watched since 2012. Obviously, when I found your podcast, I realized it didnt cover current events, but I decided to stay anyway. It was a good choice. You guys have taught me more about wrestling in the past month than I have learned in the previous eight years. I have went back and listene to every episode since #164 in the past month (plan on going back further). I think its fair enough to say you have a new, dedicated fan, who will listen as long as you produce content.

  7. Jermz says:

    I bought myself every episode (all the seasons) as a Christmas gift to myself this year!