#191 – Starrcade 1989

It’s that time again – it’s time for the annual, and last, Thanksgiving dinner at David Crockett’s house. This year we review FUTURE SHOCK – STARRCADE 1989~! We are broadcasting live this year and get to talk to some friends and have all sorts of fun.



  1. theburningzone says:

    I missed the show I thought it was on thanksgiving day
    I have never seen all of starrcade 89
    On my cousins vcr tape about half way though the sting flair match teenage mutant ninja turtles comes on

  2. Paul E Cautiously says:

    Happy thanksgiving guys! Loved the podcast! It’s understandable if the Crocketts don’t want you over next year. Any chance Russo would have you guys over for Starrcade 2000 for 2017?

  3. Robert from Vienna says:

    Oh my god!

    So finally Robert turned heel on you and us
    – how appaling, and that by someone with such a nice name…

    Very very disapointed!

    Robert from Vienna

    • Jermz says:

      I can’t stand Robert…I haven’t hated a heel this bad since Col. DeBeers in 1988.

  4. cactus316 says:

    Another great Thanksgiving episode, guys. I wonder if there’s any chance of the McMahons having you over for Survivor Series next year.

  5. Russell says:

    Just wanna add my to the local video shop chat. My local video rental was called Backstage Video and they had an Adams Family pinball machine

  6. Eddie Graham's Boat says:

    Hey guys, long time listener, first time commenter. So I just got around to listening to your final trip to the Crocketts for turkey day and as always it was a treat. The retelling of the first Thanksgiving was especially delightful so I had my 9 and 11 year old listen to that segment. Despite their only familiarity with Flair or Dusty being a couple of YouTube clips of their promos, the kids still loved it and listened to it again. My son was even saying “That’s hard times daddy!” by that evening. Just wanted you to know you’re helping make the fans of tomorrow. Love the show, keep up the great work.

  7. Jermz says:

    My local video rental store was in Vallejo, CA. and it was called “Movie Movers”. I rented such great VHS tapes there as…

    Crockett Cup 1986 & 1987
    I Like To Hurt People
    Lords of the Ring
    Wrestlemania 2