#181 – Oh screw it, the Matt Hardy v Jeff Hardy Final Deletion Match

SPECIAL UNSCHEDULED EPISODE TO DISCUSS THE GREATEST PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING MATCH OF ALL TIME. Seriously. We throw out the FIRST rule of the OSWP – that being the match reviewed MUST be at least ten years old – to review this masterpiece between Jeff and Matt Hardy. Also we are THRILLED to announce the release of the SEASON 5 OSWP BOX SET available NOW at secondperiodindustriespresentstheoldschoolwrestlingpodcast.comaka flairchop.com



  1. Thanks for this episode – had a lot of fun and i won’t have to watch Final Deeeeleeetion.

  2. left handed cigarette says:

    Who would have thought that the key to finally making TNA watchable was to give two peckerwoods some GoPros,drones and whatever the hell that accent Broken Matt Hardy is doing.Painting a supervillain streak in a 1 year olds hair is NOT child abuse in North Carolina.

  3. teddyhartsamazincat says:

    YES! Just watched this yesterday, better than the Pipebomb and Enzo Amore and whatever else passes for Sports Entertainment in the last 10 + years.

  4. Joe from Big Bean says:

    Good or bad FINAL DEEEEEEEEELLLLLLTION has changed pro wrestling. A match note Matt says that his violin (or fiddle what they call it in the South)was giving to him by Antonio Stradivari himself. Stradivari died in 1737 unless he is buddies with Herbert West, Stradivari is dead as disco.

    Also Jeff lives in North Carolina, TNA couldn’t throw in a few bucks and have Jeff come to the ring driving a monster truck? Grave Digger lives in Kill Devil Hills. Dennis Anderson could have drove down there and made a killing with a cross promotion.

  5. Bobby's Brainscan says:

    Wow, kudos to Matt Hardy for his great performance in this. If all TNA was like this, I think they would get a much bigger audience! I couldn’t stop watching.

  6. Robert from Vienna says:

    Sometimes you have to break the rules and this was a real good reason to do so: These 17 Minutes may have been the longest time i’ve watched TNA in years and – man, that was fun!

    Good job guys!

  7. Manheim Ab Roller says:

    This episode was phenomenal. Now we know what the spinoff podcast should be.

    P.S. My new band name is Dirt Bike Party
    P.P.S. Dirt Bikes !

  8. I like how Jeff is surprised that Matt kicked out after Jeff threw him threw the traditional wooden Japanese Byobu folding screen wrapped in leaves. Of all the crazy bumps the two of them have lived to talk about, Jeff’s shocked and dismayed Matt was able to kick out of that within the first 2 minutes of the match.

    With that said, I sincerely enjoyed the hell out of this.

    “It’s a dilapidated boat!”

  9. Masked Georgia Jobber says:

    Sorry if I missed this on the podcast, but I believe “Nero” is actually Jeff Hardy’s middle name. Hence the “Brother Nero” reference. Seems like Jim Ross used to refer to him as “Jeffrey Nero Hardy” during the Hardy Brothers’ later years with WWE.

    I enjoyed listening to this one as always, even if it’s not exactly “old-school.”