Episode #17 – WCW Nitro Spring Break 1997

Black Cat and Dre break down an old WCW tradition – WCW NITRO SPRING BREAK. WOOO. UNCENSORED! Other topics include Lee Marshall, how we spent our spring breaks, the only limousine in wrestling history, John Tenta’s kilt, the Chris Benoit dvd, Monty Brown, giant pimples, Jim Powers carrying Eddie Guerrero, DDP in the dark, who is Galaxy, Super Calo’s sunglass mask, drug mules, the Hardbody Harrison story, and Buff’s short shorts.

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  1. This one took me back.

    I too haven’t cared about the NBA since Jordan was done. Maybe if the Bulls have a season like the Blackhawks did, I’ll pay attention like a true fair weather fan.

    Pipes was never the world champ. He was the US champ. On two occasions on PPV he beat World Champ Hulk Hogan in non-title matches. He put him down with the sleeper twiced. I remember thinking Pipes won the title because they didn’t say whether the belt was on the line or not. I had to tune in the next night on Nitro to know for sure.

    Dave Taylor was awesome. I saw that guy press slam Scott Norton.

    I loved Dre’s theory on the Valvoline move of the week. The red batphone idea was hilarious!

    Zero and I were also at Great American Bach ’97 in the Quad Cities. We hadn’t heard of a lights out match (which Page and Savage were in) and were worried they were going to turn out the lights so we couldn’t see what was going on. They brawled in the crowd a lot, so we actually did miss a lot of the match.

    Black Cat’s spring break sounds like my idea of a good time. Was Avante’s the bucket of spaghetti you’d pick up? I think we all would enjoy a week like that in our older age.

    I remember watching this episode of Nitro at Zero’s and loving it when Sullivan threw Harrison in the drink.

    I believe Hogan’s full quote during his promo was “The NWO is tits, brah!” I also think there’s a South Park episode where the kids get annoyed with Cartman repeatedly using the word tits to describe something cool.

  2. David Lo Pan says:

    This podcast is tits. UNCENSORED!

    Thank you for reconfirming my belief of Nitro which is this: Nitro was one hot mess of a show. It was entertaining, but it just reeked of on the fly booking-and I’m talking about the glory years. I remember checking the ratings back in the day to see which show won the Monday night war and being baffled as to how WCW kept attracting more viewers then the Federation at a time when Stone Cold was on the rise as a tweener and Bret Hart started a war with the states. Drunk Hall and Nash though, made me slap my knee and throw high fives just about every time.

    Good call Black Cat on the Benoit DVD. Its been three years and I still can’t bring myself to blow the dust off my copy. Why did it have to be Chris Benoit off all people that I can never watch again? Why couldn’t it have been someone like El Gigante or Horace Hogan or Norman Smiley?…….actually, I take that back Norman Smiley was a soul brother pimp

  3. Dre says:

    some day… some day soon… there will be a day, that the Black Cat and I will review a show. And on that show, there will be a Norman Smiley match. And I will rejoyce.


    God Speed Norman Smiley.

  4. Jason Mann says:

    Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know how much I loved the podcast. It’s the first one I’ve heard, and I thought it was really funny and informative. Good times.