#178 – Barry Windham vs Big Bubba Rogers, July 18, 1987

This week we review a fun match from the 87 Bash tour not included on the original VHS release between Barry Wyndham and Big Bubba Rogers. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting our website and purchasing a box set, book, poster, or t-shirt.


One Comment

  1. I felt a lot of love listening to this one.

    I don’t believe Trevor Lee was trying to do a Taylor Swift dance during his enterance at AAW’s Windy City Classic (which can be purchased at http://www.aawrestling.com). I believe that’s his own dance as all he’s doing is shaking…shaking it off.

    The dance I did was my attempt at Carlton from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s iconic dance. Trevor had pulled me in to dance at a previous show and I, being a very stereotypical caucasian male, hadn’t the slightest on what to do. So I figured if Lee was making that part of his enterance, then I would be ready the next time. And what’s a dance that would make sense for a white ring announcer to do? So I studied a YouTube video of Carlton Banks doing the dance to prepare, just in case. Not pretty, but it was a lot of fun.