#177 – Outsiders vs Luger and Sting, WCW Hog Wild 1996

This episode is paid for in part by grants from Second Period Industries. This week on the show we review a critical match in the early days of the nWo invasion between the Outsiders and Lex Luger and Sting. Support the show by visiting flairchop.com and purchasing a box set, our book, a t-shirt, or any of our other great thing for sale.



One Comment

  1. Joe from Big Bean says:

    After listen to the last episode on the “Hog Wild” and the discussion of Nick Patrick joining the New World Order and did Nick Patrick have any good benefits of joining the hottest thing in 1996. To sum it all up no, let face it even in the N.W.O. Nick Patrick had crappy benefits. Let’s look at the staffing; the N.W.O. was under staff in the referee department. Case in point the “Sold Out” Pay per View, Patrick the only ref during that show, by the time the Outsiders-Steiner Brothers match up the poor thing was over work, and tired.
    I also bet they used cost cutting measures for the medical staff. I back this up in the mini feud he had with Randy Anderson who T.K.O Patrick on Feb. 17th edition of Nitro. Am willing to say the N.W.O. doctor was some beach bum who couldn’t get a degree from George Washington U or John Hopkins instead went to Mexico and got a back room doctor degree while doing shooters with Jenny McCarthy between “singled out” tapings. I even doubt if Easy E offered Patrick a television sitcom deal or a movie of the week when N.W.O. goes Bollywood.