#170 – WrestleWar 92 – War Games

This week on the show, Dre and the Black Cat review one of the most acclaimed matches of the 90s – the War Games featuring Sting’s Squadron and the Dangerous Alliance! Please support the show and pick up our new SEASON 4 BOX SET including two unreleased episodes of reviews for the 1987 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team tournament and the documentary “Heroes of World Class Wrestling” available on DVD or for direct download. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting oldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com where you can find links to all of our great products. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…..at the matches!

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  1. The Pest Controller – secretly Vince’s plan to annihilate the smarks (quarter in the jar) after hating Roman Reigns.

    CM Punk debuts in the UFC, and gets a surprisingly quick KO win. He then gets to fight again soon after and taps out his next opponent early in the first round. He starts to get credibility from the hardcore MMA fans and his next fight is a headliner of a lesser PPV. He fights a not-top-tier but not-tomato-can opponent and wins a hard fought decision after being battered and bloodied during the last fight on his UFC contract.
    Survivor Series – the fans, after being exhausted by the back-and-forth title swaps between Roman Reigns and HHH for the better part of 2016, finally are heard as WWE clears Daniel Bryan to return to TV. He announces at SS that he is a Survivor of his concussions and is looking to return to wrestle at WM33, but has only 1 opponent in mind and he’s not even a wrestler anymore. Cue “Cult of Personality.” CM Punk claims he survived the beatings of the UFC and is now stronger than he’s ever been. He wants Daniel Bryan to prove how tough he is, but post-UFC Punk will now only fight in a cage. Headlining WM33 – Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk – in a Steel Cage. (Not wanting another debacle like the half sold-out Texas stadium of WM32, Vince convinces Punk to return to the main event.)

    Wrestlemania – the crowd at the arena is so loud, they are only being outdone by the noise of all the redditors in their basements watching the most anticipated match of the year. The 2 fan favorites go head to head for 10 minutes in the most amazingly technical yet spectacular and brutal match anyone has ever seen. Then, from the rafters, a tent starts to descend and covers the cage. Silence, then the tent raises, “gas” comes from underneath the tent and a man with a gasmask is in the cage, standing over the comatose heroes. He holds a mic and says “These pests have been eliminated.”

    And if…and this is a big if…he can get backstage before the crowd riots and destroys the whole town, he is the hottest heel ever.

  2. Joe from Big Bean says:

    First time seeing this match was in highlight from old vhs “Deadly Venom best of Sting” I got at a Sam Goody (which had a great selection of old WCW and UFC tapes). Sting mentions at the end of the tape describing the match as “BLOOD AND GUTS”. Kind of sad when I got the best of war games dvd set when they edited out Jesse voiceover. Another note Bill Alfonso’s ref shirt was the same one he had on at WCW/New Japan Supershow from March ’91.

  3. Ole Anderson's Personality says:

    Great episode. I was listening on my way to work like I typically do when I heard Arn Anderson’s name. As usual I immediately felt myself become tense and defensive at the mention of the Enforcer’s name. This is customary since the Black Cat’s original misdiagnosis and grievous error in detailing the end of Arn’s career.

    Thankfully I was with Lex Luger who quickly gave me 4 somas and a Miller Lite. I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the episode.

    Keep up the good work.