#154 – Road Warriors

On the first live OSWP broadcast across the radio waves and the Internet we discuss the Road Warriors, a great match between them and Baron Von Raschke and Curt Hennig, Demolition, and take some live calls! Please support the show and pick up our new SEASON 4 BOX SET including two unreleased episodes of reviews for the 1987 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team tournament and the documentary “Heroes of World Class Wrestling” available on DVD or for direct download. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting oldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com where you can find links to all of our great products. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…..at the matches!


  1. Dead Reckoning says:

    Firstly, what a fantastic episode! And kudos to the broadcasting authorities in Illinois for loosening their standards sufficiently to allow such deluded opinions to hit the airwaves.

    Thankfully, you chaps had the good sense to include two people who actually understand the greatness of Demolition on the show, but your feeble arguments about the Road Warriors were amusing for a time.

    One question: Dre normally has a smooth, flowing style on the show -like molasses gliding down a gold tooth, but there were parts of this show where his Demolition hating nonsense almost sounded scripted? Was he being held hostage and forced at gun point (or at the point of spiked shoulder pads) to read the lies? Were it a video podcast, would we haven seen him bllinking the word ‘torture’ in morse code like a vietnam POW? It would make sense, he clearly cannot believe what he was saying.

    Hardcore Badass was 100% correct, Crush has no place in Demolition.

    Pip pip fellows!

  2. friend of a friend says:

    In college I had a crappy job working backstage comps in Tampa.Its one of those jobs that sounds cool but you aren’t allowed to speak to celebs unless spoken to,no autographs,pics etc and the tips were almost always small or forgotten because yes men would place and pick up the orders.During a Kid Rock show there was this commotion and people running and lots of shouting and this always signaled a fight or someone sneaking backstage or someone drank to much.It turned out to be Macho Man Randy Savage and his party fighting Road Warrior Hawk and his wife.Mr. Savage was always nice and a cool guy to the community so I was really hoping he was beating Hawks ass.I only got to see some of the aftermath which was that the girls involved were more violent than the wrestlers.I didn’t see the guys and oddly it kind of just got treated like it happened all the time and everything just calmed once they got seperated and booted out.One of the security guys said they had genuine hatred and it went from zero to a thousand in seconds. Anyway I wish I had a more exciting tale to tell but I wanted no part of rushing towards trains colliding.A friend of mine told me you might enjoy this story so hopefully you did!I’m not a wrestling fan so please don’t mailing list me or post my email.thanks

  3. Zeppo Ramone says:

    1 hour, 52 minutes and 37 seconds on the Road Warriors and barely a passing reference to Rocco? For shame.

    Seriously though, while they certainly blazed a few trails during the first few years of their career, from 1992 on it was a time of rapidly diminishing returns…in so much as anything that takes place over the course of more than a decade can be considered “rapid”, anyway…

    The back-half of the Road Warriors career was sort of akin to that last hour of the final film in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. Y’know, after that final great big battle suddenly ends with a bunch of ghost pirates wiping everyone out in 15 seconds and Frodo melting the ring…and then all of the hobbits and elves and orcs and ents just sort of stand around saying their goodbyes…and then realize that they’re actually all basically walking the same route home and then it’s just awkward and awful? Well, taking the WWF tag belts off the Nasties at SummerSlam ’91 was basically the moment the Road Warriors finally went full ghost pirate/melted the last of their rings. Where else did they really go from there? Just back to the fucking shire…and it took’em 13 interminable years to get there.

  4. Zach says:

    I don’t think it was mentioned on the show, but have either of you guys read the book written by Road Warrior Animal? I would highly recommend it. One of the more interesting/funny side-points in it is Animal talking about the Road Warrior’s ownership interest in Zubaz. Apparently, they could have at one point sold for a ton of money and didn’t, maybe that’s what drove Hawk to drinking!?

    Recommendation for you guys to review The Ken Patera Story, hosted by Gene Okerlund. Which was a short series they did to bring Ken back after his time in jail. Hilarious stuff in that they basically pin his trouble with the law on Bobby Heenan!

    Keep the great Podcasts coming