#153 – Fantastics v Midnight Express, April 26, 1988

This week the Old School Wrestling Podcast review one of the many Fantastics/Midnight Express matches from the 1980s, this time from an episode of NWA WorldWide in April of 1988 and it’s one of the best tag team matches they’ve ever seen. Please support the show and pick up our new SEASON 4 BOX SET including two unreleased episodes of reviews for the 1987 Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team tournament and the documentary “Heroes of World Class Wrestling” available on DVD or for direct download. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting oldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com where you can find links to all of our great products. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…..at the matches!


  1. Tony says:

    Not listening at an Indy show but am wearing a ryback t-shirt lol

  2. Dre and the Black Cat,
    I am catching up on episodes and listened to #150. I didn’t just listen to it, I was cracking up while listening to your adventures in the wonderful state of Connecticut. I didn’t just crack up in my living room or at the gym, but on a train in Peru. My wife and I were doing volunteer work and on our way to Machu Picchu. We were snaking through the Amazon jungle toward beautiful Incan ruins and I was crying and smiling as the Hulkster intervened and saved your lives. I felt as if one half of the Mega Powers was going to put the whole Peru Rail train on his back brother and use his 24″ pythons to scale the Andes Mountains dude! The ruins would be a spot for all the Hulkamaniacs to rest and bask in the shadow of the red and yellow. Thanks for the memories guys, always look forward to it.

  3. Midmorning Express says:

    Great Episode;

    I think Jim Cornette has mentioned in some interview that the Midnight Express wrestling the Fantastics more than any other team. This is due to the year they spent together in World Class. The Express could not get booked with the remainin Von Erichs so the Fantastics were the only team to feud with. They wrestled nearly every show for a year.

    Also, what would you do if Hawk actually did invite you to his house to watch Matlock? Would you go?