#152 – Dusty Rhodes

Dre and the Black Cat share their memories of Dusty Rhodes and review two great matches – the first is a match between Dusty and the Macho King from the WWF in 1990 and then the 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede.

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  1. Jim Crockett: Dusty, we love that boot! Can we use that as a trophy for the Bunkhouse Stampede winner?

    Dusty: Thure can, Dadday! You got me winnin’ thith thang, right? Get that Hat Twick?

    Jim Crockett: Well, Dusty, the Road Warriors are really popular right now and we’ve kinda been building toward Animal winning. You know, to shake things up a bit.

    Dusty: You want thith boot? I win thith thang.

    (And we know how it turned out)

  2. theburningzone says:

    wow just wow
    funky like a monkey

  3. John aka Sid's activator says:

    One of the first episodes I ever listened to on this podcast was the Starcade 85 Thanksgiving episode. I have always been a fan of 1980’s NWA and the second I heard your comedy and coverage of these matches I have been hooked. I have always found Dre’s Dusty impression to be my favorite , his tone and vocabulary always reminds of how I think Dusty would be in real life. Anyways I enjoy the show . Keep up the good work and keep the impressions coming. Here’s to Dusty and Wahoo fighting over that seventh layer of the salad in seventh heaven. I just hope there is enough room for me on the couch when I get there.

  4. Zeppo Ramone says:

    You’ve done the man solid. Great job.

  5. left handed cigarette says:

    My salty heel loving Grandpa only broke ranks with bad guys when Dusty was wrestling. When he became polka dot Dusty he would go off on these long rants about how Big Dust was one of the biggest stars of all time and this indignity couldn’t be his idea. He also referred to Superstar Billy Graham as a filthy hippy and would go on about how Dusty bloodied him up in the mid 70s. He truly will never be duplicated and should be appreciated even more as time goes by.

  6. Midmorning Express says:

    By appearance, Dusty should have never amounted to much in wrestling. If he was starting out today with no changes, he would be lucky if they gave him a second look in developmental – although the current push being given to Kevin Owens (Steen) gives me hope that maybe there is a chance for the non athletic body type to make it in WWE.

    Dusty was symbolic of Old School Wrestling. He became a legend by chrisma, his ability to talk, and being able to connect with the fans.

  7. Frankie S. says:

    I am on vacation in Italy, no internet all day, no texts all day, no cell calls at all.
    Finally log in to the wifi a few nights ago and immediately get a text from my friend rob.
    He tells me he has some bad news! An understatement if there ever was one.
    Days later I still can’t believe big dust is gone.
    I am a born an raised New Yorker that started watching the WWF in 1980, then dusty was
    Just a guy I saw pictures of in wrestling magazines, always ranked at the top of the most
    Popular wrestlers list.
    That was until 1983 when my best friend john O’Sullivan I turned me that he stumbled
    Upon “championship wrestling from Florida” on the UHF channel 41.
    The wrestling world I was in was immediately turned upside down.
    The American Dream in full color and in full effect! It was what professional wrestling
    Was supposed to be. No squash matches, just great angles and great personalities
    But NONE greater than the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.
    Thanks for the great memories Dusty. You will NEVER be forgotten!
    Long live the American Dream!

  8. Bobby's Brainscan says:

    Sad news. I had no idea until I listened to the show. He will be sadly missed and no one will ever be like him.

    My early memories of him was in the WWF, and even though he was throw a terrible gimmik, his charisma still shone through and won the crowd over.

  9. Bryan Pflanz says:

    As expected, a great tribute! Way back when, before cable, I was raised on WWWF. It was on twice on Saturdays. That’s it. One Saturday night at midnight, I was switching channels on my 12″ black & white tv with no remote, and came across CWF. I think it was 1972. Rhodes was a heel at the time, and his banter with the late, great Gordon Solie was nothing like I was accustomed to seeing with Vince Jr on TV. A couple weeks later, his “face turn” occurred, and it was like nothing I had ever seen! It was a taped match with Dusty and Pak Song, managed by Gary Hart vs. Mike & Eddie Graham, with Rhodes and Solie doing commentary while it was being shown. If you haven’t seen it, you must! I was a little kid, and was enamorred with “faces” (I didn’t get into heels until the birth of The Horsemen). He was one of my favorites, I couldn’t wait until the next Saturday to see the next chapter of the new Dusty Rhodes story! It was so far ahead of its time. Fast forward to 1985, and I couldn’t wait to see The Horsemen clean his clock! How things change! Thanks for bringing me back into my youth today with this episode.
    Oh, by the way, not to be a dick, but The Horsemen wrecked Dusty in the parking lot of Crockett Promotions, not in Atlanta. Sorry. Couldn’t pass that one up! Thanks again, fellows!!

  10. The Masked Superpimp says:

    First, R.I.P. Dusty…my Dusty Rhodes moment was the “Bat Incident”. Magnum T.A., who just came back from the car accident, was in studio talking to David Crockett. He talking about the short cuts by Tully and J.J. Dillion in previous matches. He also brought out some protection from some who meant him harm. Then out comes Tully, bad mouthing Magnum and then assaulting Magnum. Dusty comes out and goes complete APESHIT, grabbing that bat and proceeds to make Tully say “I Quit” one more time. Unfortunately, in his rage, Dusty hit some Crockett officials and subsequently got suspended and stripped of the U.S. title. But still, it took the entire locker room to pull Dusty off of Tully….ahhhhhh, good time. Really gonna miss that “Cold-Blooded Sausage Maker”!!!!

  11. Benjamin Gone says:

    I just listened to your podcast for the first time ever today, and the first naughty that I hear you review was a match that I saw live as a kid! I was probably 9 years old when I saw a taping of Saturday Night’s Main Event at the Toledo Sports Arena in Toledo Ohio. It’s probably one of the most vivid memories of my childhood.

    When Virgil and the Million Dollar Man beat up Dustin in the crowd, I had no clue what was going on until I watch the show on TV. I was afraid that they were beating up fans, as I was a total mark at 9 years old.