The Old School Wrestling Podcast and The Awesome 80s Podcast COLLIDE in this SUPERCAST of EPIC PROPORTIONS to review the cinematic classic NO HOLDS BARRED starring Oscar award winning Terry Gene Bollea.

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  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Awesome podcast, terrible movie. And that’s coming from a guy who nicknamed himself as the villan in Big Trouble
    It is worth noting that the TV executive in NHB went on to play….you guessed it, a TV executive in Waynes World. Stepping stone or typecasting? You be the judge.
    P.s- Lady Lo Pan was not offended in by the podcast which you guys thought might be a concern. As she put it, “you follow the Iron Sheik on Twitter, trust me I’ve heard worse”.

  2. Black Cat says:

    Seems like there’s a lot of typecasting in this genre and I love the Iron Sheik’s twitter account, but I heard it wasn’t actually him. Still awesome, though. Also enjoy Steve Austin’s Twitter. You wouldn’t think he had that much free time on his hands.

  3. My usual diatribe:

    I heard it was Bill Eadie (Demolition Ax) who played the guy Rip beat at the beginning of the movie.

    Fun fact: Hogan’s elbow that he used as a finish in this movie as well as Japan was called the Ax Bomber. I just like the names they give finishing moves in Japan.

    I love that there’s no chance of Dre’s wife listening to this podcast.

    In the 28th minute, Dre went falsetto when he said “I don’t think you can copywright Zeus.”

    How was there no mention of Stan Hansen at the yernal telling the guy he had a teeny weiner?

    I loved Glen’s use of the Hangover’s “re-tard”.

    At the end of the final match between Rip and Zeus, I remember his paralyzed brother giving the Rip ‘Em hand signal. That was what hulked Rip up.

    Thanks for another great podcast Jockasses!

  4. Dre says:

    Shit yes, that was Demolition Ax at the begining of the movie. I couldn’t place him with out his Maybeline face paint.

  5. David Lo Pan says:

    Also the words “No Holds Barred” and “Supercast” should not be used in the same sentence.

  6. Black Cat says:

    Also had an AHA moment when I read Hardcore’s insight on Ax. Definitely looked like him in retrospect.

    Sorry about the Hansen oversight – he was my favorite part of the movie.

    Thanks to Hardcore, our resident copy editor.

  7. David Lo Pan says:

    ………..ya know, cause it has a shitty cast? AY-OH!

  8. Uncle Soda says:

    I’ve been in radio silence but finally got around to listen to the latest epic.

    Oh, man. I wish you guys could post 2 podcasts per day. Best part of the No Holds Barred was the parts about Hogan and Vince re-writing the script. Hilarious!!

    And I guess we know now why Jacob went to such great lenghts to keep his brother from leaving the Lost island. He was a Bob Backlund mark.

  9. Black Cat says:

    Uncle Soda – Thanks for the feedback! Check out the New Jack episode if you haven’t already and a new full length podcast will be posted today or tomorrow. The Black Cat took a little hiatus for a family vacation. And I’m still baffled by the fact that was Jacob from Lost.

  10. Uncle Soda says:

    Fantastic. I can’t wait to find out what the next full lenght podcast will be.
    Cheers from Copenhagen

  11. Tom says:

    I just listened to the podcast and really enjoyed it. Bill Eadie AKA Demolition AX and the Masked Superstar minus the makeup and or mask was the wrestler Rip was wrestling at the beginning of the movie.

    Tom Lister Jr. AKA Zeus was the president in the Fifth Element and played a prisoner in the Austin Powers Goldmemeber movie and the Dark Knight movie.

    Terry Funk at the time No Holds Barred was being made was probably working on Roadhouse with Patrick Swayze.

    Also Stan Hansen was in the movie as a favor from WWE. When the WWE went to Japaan after Wrestlemania 6 the original plan was for Hogan to wrestle Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy. Gordy did not want to lose to Hogan so Stan Hansen said he would do the “job” instead.

  12. tony M says:

    hey guys , just finshed listening to this and boy was it fun to lol when u brought up rip”s brother and get the stares