#143 – WWWF Madison Square Garden, March 26, 1979

Black Cat and Dre take a trip back to 1979 this week and visit the world’s most famous arena – Madison Square Garden – to review four classic WWWF matches including a tremendous main event with Bob Backland and Greg Valentine for the belt. They also play several cuts from Mike Pace and the Child Actors’ new album “Best Boy” available now at mikepaceandthechildactors.com! Mike is the genius behind all our show music. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting oldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com where you can find links to all of our great products. We now offer all of our box sets and bonus episodes from all three seasons on our premium digital download site. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you…..at the matches!

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  1. left handed cigarette says:

    No one bleeds like those 70s and 80s guys but as a huge ECW fan I always enjoyed how Raven could go full on crimson mask by just flipping his hair. On a Raven/Tommy Dreamer shoot dvd they discuss the never healing head wound that Kevin Sullivan named “Alfred” because it was like a creature on Ravens forehead. It seems like if you lived in New York in the 70s and 80s you got great televised WWWF and WWF matches.On my tv in Ohio it was 95% squash matches and lots of Lord Alfred Hayes.

  2. Baron von Rashy says:

    Re: Bad PPV names. To me, the worst pay-per-view event name was In Your House. I understand the first In Your House, they gave away a house as a prize, but subsequent ones? It was so bizarre. At least World War III lets you know there’s going to be some violence. And Barely Legal had a dirty double entendre going for it. In Your House sounds so innocuous. There’s nothing in that title that indicates even remotely that wrestling or mayhem of any kind is going to occur.

  3. left handed cigarette says:

    On the topic of comic cons,if its possible to tire of looking at girls in costumes I have not found an end point to that. Wizard World is about 10 days away here and due to my shameful gazing last year Mrs Left Handed Cigarette has informed me that me and all my wrestling crap will be living on the curb if I attend.

  4. Bad PPV names: anything with a bad pun or misspelling (Souled Out, Insurrextion), anything overly generic (The Big Event, The Bash), Anything legally/morally questionable (Barely Legal, Massacre on 34th St.) and anything named after a single match on the card (Fatal 4-Way, Elimination Chamber).

  5. holzhammer says:

    Re: Starrcade

    I looked that up: “Starcade” was a gameshow in TBS,
    where People competed in arcade video games.
    It ran from 1982-1983.

    There’s not only a Wikipedia article
    but there are also whole episodes on Youtube.

    So Dusty was a bit lazy in choosing the Name
    for Starrcade – “Ad one R and we’re good to go!”.

  6. Joe from Big Bean says:

    My worst Pay Per View names

    A lot of bad WWE PPV names: “Battleground” “Night of Champions” knock off of Clash of Champions. “Bragging Rights”

    Ring of Honor “Driven”

    “Wrestlepalooza” All fans know this was the fifth pay per view for ECW. Also this name was used for an episode for Married With Childern with King Kong Bundy vs. Bud Bundy.

    Not a ppv name but event name for ECW “Orgy of Violence”

    Any TNA Pay Per View title but except for “Lockdown” & “Slammiversary”

    Note not only December to Dismember was a one off Pay PerView for the WWF, but it was an ECW event from 1995. This was the event where Sandman beat Steve Austin and Mikey Whipwrek for the ECW title.

  7. left handed cigarette says:

    I think WCW changed Hog Wild to Road Wild because they noticed crowd shots of big boned biker mommas at an event where the announcers were shouting hog might get Tony Schiavone narc stomped.