#139 – The OSWP Holiday Office Party 2014

This year Dre and the Black Cat review two tag team matches for the holiday – The Rockers vs the Hart Foundation on October 30, 1990 in a match that never actually aired on television and then a match between the Road Warriors and the Funk Brothers from Japan on October 19, 1985. They also take a look at the incredible promotional video produced by All Japan Pro Wrestling in anticipation of the arrival of the Road Warriors in 1985. In the second half of the show they are joined by Robert of the Atomic Elbow and of course receive a visit from the Macho Claus. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting oldschoolwrestlingpodcast.com where you can find links to all of our great products. We now offer all of our box sets and bonus episodes from all three seasons on our premium digital download site. We’ll see you…..at the matches!

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  1. re: shawn michaels’s attire for wwe TV shoots.

    in a fairly recent interview–possibly on the “my journey” dvd set–michaels says that he wears camo/hunting gear for wwe TV appearances to mess with VKM. vince hates camo/hunting gear and gets upset when michaels wears it.

    • DSmithImages says:

      I believe Triple H said it on Jericho’s podcast that Shawn is to the point that all he wears, regardless the situation, is whatever his hunting/outdoor life sponsors give him.

  2. Baron von Rashy says:

    I really can’t think of three ‘late to the dance’ gimmicks, but there was one that sticks out like a sore thumb: ‘The Juicer’ Art Barr in WCW in 1990 was based on the Beetlejuice film a couple of years earlier. I watched a Youtube clip with much amusement as The Juicer made his entrance with a bunch of excited kids in Beetlejuice facepaint known as the ‘Juice Patrol’. My amusement turned to extreme discomfort however when one ‘lucky’ little boy has his shirt stripped off by Juicer in the ring. Unsettling. Doubly unsettling when I found out Barr plead guilty to sexual abuse for having unconsensual sex with a 19 year old in the Pacific Northwest territory.

    Apart from all that, his offence consisted of Silly String (which his jobber opponent sold quite well under the ridiculous circumstances) and when he shed his doo-rag, there was an explosion of white powder. Jim Herd-era WCW at its finest.

  3. Buzz Tyler's Idol says:

    Late to the dance: Daffney was “The Governor” in TNA 2 years after Sarah Palin ran V.P.

    I live near Warner Robins, GA and have probably seen The Usual Suspects wrestle 2 dozen times. They’re really good workers–the promotion in WR shut down and I haven’t seen them in a year and a half. I miss them.

  4. Dead Reckoning says:

    Hey guys, long time since I commented-why, because I got waaaay behind on the shows (curse you real life!) so was always too late. all caught up now and wanted to throw a rare bit of knowledge that I have. or at least a story I heard.

    The broken rope excuse that the WWF used to negate the Rockers title win was vs. The rope obviously broke but the reason the belts stayed with the Hartsfield was the contract status of that groovy hep-cat Jim Neidhart.

    Vince was terminating Jim ‘On The Road Again’ Neidharts contract. Presumably because he was dead weight with the planned Bret push coming, or maybe Jimmy was spending too much time listening to smooth jazz and attending beat poetry readings, who knows?

    Anyway, with the Anvils services no longer needed, Vince decided to finally give the Rockers the straps.

    At some point between the taping and Jim leaving, Vince had a change of heart and negated the switch. the broken rope was a convenient excuse.

    without it, Vince would probably have blamed the Anvils stupid hat as the reason

  5. left handed cigarette says:

    Worst gimmick: WWF Beaver Cleavidge.Incestuous vignettes are always past their expiration date. Despite Mrs left handed cigarettes protest against it I got to have an all wrestling gift Christmas.I got the awesome OSWP 500 book and Macho Man poster. Sets of ECW Hardcore TV to complete my collection.autographed photos of Macho and Gorgeous George.Lira Mankind Dude Love and Cactus Jack some Atomic Elbow issues AND the gift I thought you guys would really appreciate.All of the above gifts were purchased over several months after she and I hammered out the rules of our get me what I really want for once Christmas.I made the purchases and she funded them and because she knows nothing about wrestling I expected no surprises.Currently being reviewed in my home is a box of 72 Vhs tapes that reek of basement she purchased at a garage sale.They range from WWF and WCW shows that are from the early 90s to early 80s World Class and AWA.The real gem in this stinky mold ridden treasure trove is a number of homemade compilation tapes of Bruiser Brody matches.Memphis shows and Von Erich compilations.My home reeks of joy and mildew and wrestling and I couldn’t be happier.Have a great Christmas.

  6. left handed cigarette says:

    P.S. Leave it to Beaver went off the air in 1963. Beaver Cleavage-the artist formerly known as Mosh-debuted in 1999. I’m not sure he got past the vignette stage as mother-son incestuous innuendo seemed to rub people the wrong way. The thought of Vince McMahon shout laughing “ya get it right he wants to give his mom the business” at a production meeting while Pat Patterson nervously giggles and Sgt Slaughter sits weeping with his face in his hands is my guess as to how this went down.

  7. left handed cigarette says:

    P.S.S. A gimmick so perverse and outdated that they had to have a worked shoot where Beaver/Mosh/Chazz(I think) renounced the gimmick and announced to the world that Mrs Cleavage/Mary Anne(i think)was actually his girlfriend. To recover from this classless gimmick the WWF promptly ran an angle where Mosh was a woman beater until it was revealed that Mary Anne was faking the abuse sending out the message that when a woman claims abuse shes probably lying to maintain her status as a bottom of the card valet. Several years later I saw her in a “in memory of” pic montage in a WWE magazine so sadly she passed away at a very young age. This is more Beaver Cleavage info than anyone wants so I will now leave and deal with my shame privately.

  8. left handed cigarette says:

    I will now risk being blocked by the OSWP to point out this nugget that the world wide interwebs has just revealed to me that I have no memory of whatsoever. Mosh/Beaver/Chazz followed up his previous winning incarnations by teaming up with D Lo Brown to form “Lo Down” a tag team of dubious and vague ethnicity that wore turbans and whose biggest claim to fame was both guys individually losing a spot in the Royal Rumble to Drew Carey. What did this guy do to Vince that he got saddled with the trifecta of incest-abuser of women-angry racial stereotype for his gimmicks?