#129 – Baywatch S6E15 and Bash at the Beach 1995

Summers rolls on at the Old School Wrestling Podcast as the podcast mobile pulls into Huntington Beach for Bash at the Beach 1995. Dre and Black Cat also take special look at a 1995 episode of Baywatch starring the Hulkster, Macho Man, Ric Flair, Vader, and Kevin Sullivan. We are pleased to announce the THIRD SEASON OSWP box set that is now available at flairchop.com for $9.99 featuring two new unreleased bonus episodes – Clash of the Champions 9 with the Flair/Funk “I Quit” match and the 1988 Royal Rumble. We are even more pleased to announce you can now purchase the box set digitally through our website if you just want to download the files. If you’ve already downloaded all 25 episodes and just want to download the bonus episodes, those are available for only $5.99 by clicking on the banner on the right side of the page. We also now offer individual digital download of the third season if you just want a single episode. Thanks for continuing to support the show! We’ll see you…at the matches!


  1. Andre? Fuck’s sake, Luke!

    • L. Ron Simmons says:

      This is why you have to get Volume 3, to hear Jerry Lynn call it the Old School Wrestling Broadcast. And Volume 1 to get Sheepherders and Jack Victory vs. The Fantastics and Terry Taylor. And Volume 2 to round out the set.

      • I’ve only been listening for a year, and so far I’ve heard Tommy Rich call him “Drew”, Jim Duggan call him “Dire”‘ and Lisa Marie Varon call him “Dree”!

  2. L. Ron Simmons says:

    I want a “pro wrestlers save the youth center” storyline where everyone around them is a smark.

  3. Hey guys, haven’t even gotten to the Baywatch review yet, but I had to chime in. Is Stanley Blackwell the lovechild of Stanley Blackburn and Jerry Blackwell? Is it the beloved Jerry Blackwell, or the random Jerry Blackwell that joined Sheik Adnan’s army? Can Stanley Blackwell get his car worked on, or does he have to walk 15 miles to the office? Is there adequate soap for his body? Does he look like one of those Gorgs from Fraggle Rock?

    Another great review boys, thanks for letting me be whacky and not judging (at least not to my face)!

    • Black Cat says:

      Haha…yeah, when we were talking about Blackwell I knew I was saying the wrong thing but couldn’t remember the right name so just no-sold it.

  4. Ole Anderson's Personality says:

    I wasn’t watching wrestling in 1995. I was 12, almost 13 years old which means I sure as hell let the channel sit on Baywatch for a few minutes if I came flipped by it. I remember seeing this episode. I knew the wrestlers from childhood and watched. Even with a warped puberty induced mind, I remember thinking to myself “My God, My God, this is awful television”.

  5. Ole Anderson's Personality says:

    I will also sign off on any episode that at least mentions Kamala. Terrible gimmick in hindsight but the character that legit scared me the most in my early days of watching.

  6. sam says:

    How could you forget to mention when Mean Gene said it was a capacity crowd! On a beach? LOL

  7. Boomer says:

    Ole Andersons Personality’s Kamala Fetish disgusts me…I’ve had to live with it for years. Another great episode boys…at this time period I was pissed at WWF for making Savage the bad guy and having him tag with that weird unibrowed Zeus.

  8. Boomer says:

    Just realized I combined 2 time periods. I listened to the No Holds Barred episode after this new one. I will lay off the crazy pills.

  9. IanEvs79 says:

    I’m starting to think that someone is intentionally giving the wrong name for Dre (short for Andre?) to the wrestlers who do the bumpers 😉