Bonus Episodes Volume 3 – Clash of the Champions 9 – (Flair/Funk “I Quit” Match)

The year of 1989 was an amazing year for wrestling and especially Ric Flair who kept having one classic after another. On this bonus episode we review the whole event, which also includes an amazing Lex Luger match, a great match between the Midnights and the Dynamic Dudes fighting for the love of Jim Cornette, and an appearance by Santa Claus.

This episode is a special episode that is only available by ordering the physical “OSWP Season 3 box set” with episodes 76-100, buying the digital version of the “OSWP Season 3 complete set” with episodes of 76-100, or if you’ve already heard all of regular episodes and just want the two bonus episodes, you can just buy the two bonus episodes. The physical box set will always be our favorite, as it comes with a full color booklet featuring art by our friend Dean Stahl and looks great on your bookshelf next to your coliseum home videos. The instant digital download version also comes with high resolution PDFs of the booklet that you can view on your computer.

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