#126 – Live at the Squared Circle Restaurant with Box Brown!

This week on the podcast The Black Cat and Dre hop in the OSWP-Mobile and take a drive across town to the Squared Circle Restaurant to hang out with New York Times bestseller BOX BROWN and the listeners of the OSWP to eat some amazing pizza, wontons, craft beer, and discuss two great Andre the Giant matches. The first match is an amazing boxing match between Andre and Gorilla Monsoon from 1976 followed up by an equally amazing arm wrestling match between Giant Afro Andre and a young disco Hulk Hogan from 1979. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting flairchop.com to purchase our book “The OSWP 500,” the collected volumes of the first 75 episodes, an OSWP t-shirt, or one of our beautiful posters.

This episode has been archived in the Season 5 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. Frankie S. says:

    really? can all these people really not pronounce Dre?

  2. Wow! That’s *two* wrestlers that have been on The Price Is Right! (Brian Kendrick being the other in 2011.)

  3. Mark B. says:

    Andre wrestled as a heel in Japan long before the WM3 era, often against a babyface Hogan (who ironically was a heel here at the time).

  4. IanEvs79 says:

    It’s hard to believe that the Andre in those matches was the same one in the Wrestlemanias! He was so mobile and fast at that point, it’s a real shame that we never got to see him like that when WWF went big.

    It’s also hard to fathom that a few years later, Hogan and Andre would sell out huge arenas, when the arm wrestling match seemed to only have a few hundred, and also be set in someones living room! The trousers that both wrestlers are wearing make it worth the watch, by themselves.