Episode #12 – Survivor Series 1995

Dre and Black Cat review the 9th Annual Survivor Series, highlighted by the PPV debut of AHMED JOHNSON! YEAH!, a random All-Japan Women’s filled match and share a very special moment regarding Shawn Michaels’ wardrobe.

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  1. David Lo Pan says:

    Barry Horowitz made it on to this ppv?! What, was Duane Gill unavailable? Was Mike Sharpe’s asking price too much? Anyhow, nice podcast. Much like you guys, I was not following wrestling at this time point. Why? Who knows. It certainly had nothing to do with the direction of the company. Cause anytime you have the chance to make Mabel your King of the Ring, well you gotta do it. At least Vince has learned from his past mistakes and now only gives pushes to guys with credibility…..like Jack Swagger. I probably did get around to renting this one on VHS as a lil fella, but I don’t remember any of it-even Shawn Michaels outfit (probably for the best). I was dissapointed to find out there were no Doink shenannegans. Also, being an Arizona resident I can sadly inform you that the Spanish announce table was recently deported for not having the proper paperwork.

    Anyway, enjoyable show as usual. Thanks for the on-air shout-out (do people still say “shout-out”? I’m getting to the age where I just dont know anymore).

    And again I emplore you to check out Summerslam 91. Its got a wedding, a streetfight, a technical classic, an incarcerated mountie, Andre’s last PPV appearance, and a whacked-out-of-his-mind Hot Rod doing the color commentary with Gorilla and Heenan. Basically, it would be right up your guys alley.

  2. My favorite memory of this whole show was Marty Janetty giving Skip a top rope powerbomb. I too didn’t follow WWF in late ’95, but I remember my friends telling me about the move so I rented the tape to check it out.

    Was Gennifer Flowers the name of the girl Clinton was involved with before he became president?

    Dre, how do you bring up Seven and not do the whole “They fired my daddy!” promo?

    I believe HHH’s first WWF PPV match was Summer Slam ’95, beating Bob Holly.

    Mark Callaway = Undertaker’s real name.
    Mark Callus = Undertaker’s WCW name.

    Ahmed Johnson powerslammed Yoko in their elimination match.

    Bret and Diesel weren’t in the Rumble match in ’95. They went one on one. The match ended in a DQ when Michaels and Owen interferred.

    Fatu was Rikishi, who is not deceased. Maybe you were confusing him with Umaga.

  3. Black Cat says:

    DLP – Duane Gill is always available. Sad to hear about the deportation. I do say shout out but it could very well be a generational thing and “the kids” may very well laugh at you for saying it. SummerSlam 91 has been added to the TODO list!

  4. Black Cat says:

    Hardcore – When the ad revenue starts flowing in we may be hiring you to fact check our scripts before recording. I do believe Gennifer Flowers was the woman in question.

  5. I loved this podcast. The mid 90s are when I followed WWE most religiously and I have fond memories. Please keep doing podcasts like these – especially from years 1990 to 1998.

    One thing – one of you was really quiet. Please consider adjusting the mic position. Thanks.

  6. Loved the podcast, love this site. I’ll help in anyway I can.

  7. Dre says:

    Ha! He’s talking to you black cat. You need to step up your game and get your microphone in check. How are we going to get signed to that big money contract if you don’t know how to even use a simple microphone? I’m not doing this podcast for shits and giggles, I’m here for the cash money and hos. And hos don’t go for podcasters that can’t be heard on mic!

    • Black Cat says:

      Watch your back, Dre. Looks like someone’s going to be getting a SHOOT PROMO ON THE PODCAST, BROTHER.