#119 – WrestleMania XX

Jumping into the modern era, Dre and the Black Cat review the classic, yet potentially controversial, WrestleMania 20 this week on the podcast. Hear them discuss their thoughts on a rising John Cena, a cluster of a match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg, a technical classic between Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero, and the legendary final match between HHH, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Benoit. The OSWP also continues their preparation for the live OSWP recording in New Orleans during the second half of the episode. Please support the Old School Wrestling Podcast by visiting flairchop.com to purchase our book “The OSWP 500,” our collected volumes of the first 75 episodes, an OSWP t-shirt, or one of our beautiful posters.

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  1. JBLCENAFAN says:

    My issue is as much as people want to make this the show where Benoit had this amazing journey that ended with WWE gold , the FACT is he won the same belt the night he left WCW! Don’t even get me started on Eddie and Angle fighting on the mid card as some amazing achievement Goldberg vs Brock had a crappy build which showed Austin beat the crap out of Lesner leading to Wrestlemania just like they are doing now! What a crappy cruiser weight match , whole event was garbage. Benoit won the rumble and HBK attacked him and signed the contract for the match , how is that legal , does that hold up … By the way … only one person was famous enough to freak George Clooney so I put Stacy Kiebler above Coachman on the food chain …

  2. JBLCENAFAN says:

    also , Jericho went from the last match on Mania 19 to fighting Christian of all people at Mania 20 , um yeah and I am sure Christian pulls tail like Trish with his strange ripped half body! What a waste of Rock teamed up with the anchor that is Mick Foley . They should have shuffled this card around alot …

  3. DustyforPrez2002 says:

    Just to clarify for you guys, the World Tag Team Championship was for the RAW brand and the WWE Tag Team Championship was for the Smackdown! brand. Both titles were unified in 2010 and now we just have the WWE Tag Team championship.

    Great episode as always guys!

  4. JBLCENAFAN says:

    I love how Kane jobbed in 2 minutes and a few weeks later he became number one contender and fought Benoit at Badd Blood , WWE booking always helps build new stars. As stated on Laganas podcast , ” How many times can you reheat Mark Henry , Kane , and The Big Show ? ” Please note that Mark Henry fought Taker’ at a Mania after this one so all his matches were not amazing from this point on at Wrestlemania.

  5. JBLCENAFAN says:

    Goldberg did not actually do anything but win the WCW title in his WWE run , been there done that , he didn’t have to redo the streak either like Russo wanted in WCW. Come to think of it WCW pushed the streak of Goldberg in WCW before Taker was pushing the streak in WWF , life is now falling apart in history , so much I never thought about.

  6. Crapgame13 says:

    I’m glad someone else thinks that what the McMahon’s feel is cinematic or dramatic is just outright creepy.

    For me, I had to surrender my hatred for WWE for this ppv. I too was a big “Radicalz” guy, had a strong love for their old mid 90s ECW work, never felt they got their due to “OMG! NWO!” in WCW when they were clearly stealing the show.

    I had suffered through “Toothless Agression” and the soft racism of “Latino Heat” not to mention Dean Malenko getting the “boring” gimmick followed by the “ladies man” dead in the water push where he was fighting Lita.

    I had always viewed the Stamford promotion as “wrestling for children” or “wrestling for stupid people” in that it had always insulted my intelligence, treated people who wanted “realism” as stupid and wanted sizzle in favor of steak. This Wrestlemania temporarily changed my mind and gave me some short lived hope.

    Then they both lost in the summer. All downhill from there.

    Dre with the Cena rap. Gold Jerry….Gold.

  7. I laughed outloud at work during Dre’s continuous mention of the word “panties” when discussing the Victoria vs. Molly match.