#112 – The OSWP Holiday Office Party 2013

This year we celebrate the holidays with a couple of amazing tag team matches. First we look at a six-man steel cage elimination match between the Freebirds and the Von Erichs from September 3, 1984 and then we look at a classic match between the Steiner’s and the Nasty Boyz from Halloween Havoc 1990. We also get visit from the Macho Claus, some tremendous gifts, and a great “Quick 1-2-3” from Dre.┬áPlease visit flairchop.com for more information on our new book, THE OSWP 500, our box sets, and other great ways to help support the show

This episode has been archived in the Season 4 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. SlingshotSuplex says:

    If someone gave me a Nasty Boys match for Christmas, I’d at least pretend to like it . . . actually, no. I hate them, too. Always have.

    I also like the fatties, but I don’t see the Nasty Boys in the same class as preferred porkies like Buddy Rose, Dusty Rhodes or Adrian Adonis.

    • hard hat mack says:

      Thank you slingshot I couldnt agree more.

      I was listening to the podcast as I cleaned up after my own holiday party (oh my aching head). For the first time I actually had to stop mid way through to comment. I couldnt even continue to listen until I get this out.

      I am as big a big fatty ole school fan as you get. I grew up on Crocket, GCW, NWA.. southern style promotions in the late 70s and 80s. I loved Dusty. Also a fan of the harley race barrel chest type as well. Not a fatty per se, but not your modern day gym rat worker. The murdoch, wahoo,buzz sawyer, abdullah, dick slater, ole anderson style

      Being an ole school fatty isnt simply about your size (though that is part of it). Its also about your ethos. In that way the nasty boys are as far from an ole school fatty as you can get.

      They remind me of that guy at spring break wearing jorts, a ripped wife beater with “Cant Touch This” in neon letters across the front, and chugging a beer from an airbrushed bart simpson funnel. Dick Murdoch didnt need a damn funnel to chug beer! Those clowns werent fit to carry Harley’s bags. There mullets werent even ole school! They had those new school stringy faux hawk mullets that are basically comb overs going back to front.

      Dre.. I was entirely behind you about Demolition. Which is what I dont get about this. As much as I hate to say it, when it comes to ole school wrasslin, The Nasty Boys make Demolition look like the Minnesota Wrecking Crew.

      Puff Paint as a gimmick shows you came from the back alleys. Really? I doubt Terry Gordy was strolling down Badstreet in a puff paint neon sparkling jacket. If those things actually came from a dumpster I would imagine it was the one behind the QVC corp offices after a liquidation sale of bedazzler starter kits.

      I cannot think of a single wrestler or tag team that better stands for the the antithesis of ole school wrasslin. The Nasty Boys were manufactured tough and I never could take them seriously. Can anyone say they were even slightly intimidating? They embody everything the worst of 90s wrestling, and many the reasons I stopped watching for years.. and also why I love you guys and your show.

      So, I’ll still listen religiously, buy the merch, fly my OSWP colors (aka the sticker) on my file cabinet at work, and tell my other wrasslin friends.

      But Dre.. well.. its just a sad day in the Mack household..

      Hard Hat Mack

  2. This has to be favorite episode in some time. Great job again as usual boys. It does sadden me that every year the Macho Claus calls me some awful name, but I guess this year it was deserved since I said he sounds like an old lady.

    I am totally with Black Cat on the Nasty Boys. I never understood them or why they were wrestlers or why they were around for so long. Maybe they go back a long way with Hogan or something. He did bring them into TNA, and Knobbs couldn’t even run from one corner to the other without stopping to catch his breath.

    I guess the point of them was for us to hate them, which I did. But i’m pretty sure they were faces for some amount of time, which makes no sense. They should have teamed up with Maxx Payne for the Six Man Fatties Giving Fatties A Bad Name title.

    And the only time puff paint has ever been acceptable is the War Games wear Dusty was wearing a Nasty Boys shirt that said “Nasty Dream”.

    And Pitty City was one of the worst offensive maneuvers, right alongside the stinkface and the bronco buster.

  3. elvisboogens says:

    I don’t like the nasty boys as wrestlers. And I couldn’t finish the Steve Austin show with whichever Nasty Boy that was about a month ago. But man, I’ll tell you what…their Hasbro WWF figures are flippin awesome. As far as action figures go, I mean. They’re some of my favorites in the line. They both have an action move that doesn’t suck, nice vibrant colors, dead on likenesses, just all around great figures. Again, don’t care much for the wrestlers but those figures are rad.