#110 – Shawn Michaels v Marty Jannetty, The Barber Shop Window Incident

This week on the show we look at the moment in time when Shawn Michaels became a wrestling superstar and the match between himself and Marty Jannetty at the Royal Rumble in 1993. Please visit flairchop.com for more information on our new book, THE OSWP 500, our box sets, and other great ways to help support the show.

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  1. Actually, Fonzie jumped over a shark tank while being puled by a boat on waster skis.
    In an earlier episode Fonzie did indeed jump his motorcycle over a line of trash bins in the parking lot of Arnold’s.

  2. Great breakdown on the Rockers breakup, Black Cat & Dre! I’ve only seen the clip but didn’t know the background. This is a good write up on Marty’s career. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/455148-marty-jannetty-the-life-and-downfall-of-the-forgoten-rocker

    When I heard you mention Fonzie & “Jump the Shark” – I though – Bill Alfonzo jumped a shark? Was this a special stipulation in a weird ECW match?

    Oh and major thanks for the invite to David Crockett’s house for Thanksgiving. I learned to never use the bathroom after Abdullah the Butcher. Yikes!

  3. Brother Brutus’s cleavage brings the Hulkster to the yard, Daddy-O!

    Loved the episode and love the memory! I always enjoy watching the matches Michaels and Jannetty had with one another, whenever Jannetty was on the right side of the road. Sucks he didn’t have much of a career after the Rockers, but man, if they didn’t split, how much would history of pro wrestling and the WWE be different? No Montreal, no Iron Man at WrestleMania XII, no Boyhood Dream would of came true.

    And if it wasn’t for this Barber Shop Incident, the Dirty Dawg wouldn’t of been a pro wrestling fan, because it would be the heel Heartbreak Kid that made me a fan!

  4. My favorite thing about the Tommy Rich intro is that fact that the part where he asks for Dre’s name was kept in. Because of that intro, I’m now a huge fan of starting sentences with “Somebody been talkin’ about…” For example, “Somebody been talkin’ about me picking up an onion on the way home so I can make some chili tonight.”

    Terrible Gorilla Monsoon impressions on both of you. The Shawn Michaels one isn’t anything to write home about either. Have I mentioned I love your Dusty, Bill Alfonso, and Jim Ross?

    Even though Thanksgiving’s behind us, I am thankful for this episode because it reminds us that Marty wasn’t superkicked through the barber shop window. I was 11 when this happened and went from horrified for Marty to laughing in hysterics because of Heenan’s “he tried to run away through the window!” My brother, who was 8 at the time, also loved Bobby because of lines like this. We probably should’ve been crying, but instead were laughing because of Bobby.

  5. RustyBrooksFan says:

    I felt bad for Marty after the break-up of The Rockers. While Jannetty was still a solid, in-ring talent (he was one of the best workers of the day, IMO), his star never got to shine as a singles wrestler. Shawn became a legend… a WWF World Champion.. Co-Founder of DX.. legendary matches with The Undertaker. Marty up through the mid 90s still came out to the Rockers theme music. Still wore those goofy 80s Rocker singlets with fringe and neon colors. It’s like the dude was trapped in time while HBK became a legend. Sad.

  6. The Dirty Burger says:

    What would Tommy “Wildfire” Rich do at the Super Bowl party? He’d be smoking some left handed cigarettes ya dumb ass

  7. IanEvs79 says:

    This is one of the first thing I remember from watching WWF when I was just a young pup. I think this also made me go against Shawn, even in his babyface era. How could you forgive someone for chucking his brother in arms through a window? 😉 Let’s hope Dre and the Black Cate don’t ever have to face that issue.

    Just ordered my OSWP 500 book 😀 Very excited, but I guess I will need to be patient, as it will be coming all the way to the UK 😀