We are thrilled to announce the release of our new book THE OSWP 500. This is a project we have been working on feverishly for the last six months. Awhile back we started throwing around an idea – what if we made a giant list of the people we’ve discussed on the Old School Wrestling Podcast and debated who was the best…and the worst on this list. Out of this conversation THE OSWP 500 was born. And we’ve included some classic things like the “Bret Hart 455 pages autobiography” and the “Blue Steel Cage,” because, really, those things are just as important as any wrestler. Within the book is the list, a description for all 500 entries, and over 50 illustrations. And to top it off is the amazing full color, glossy cover designed by Patrick Dean. The book is available at for $12. Also available is the official “OSWP 500″ poster. This full color 11.5″ x 15” poster features original artwork designed by Patrick Dean specially for the fans of the Old School Wrestling Podcast. All posters are printed on high quality card stock. Click on the banner ads on the right side of the screen to purchase the book and poster today! Thanks!


  1. Butt says:

    I had an inkling this was soon on its way…just with all the clandestine hashtags on Twitter and the like. Glad it is now a reality! Have it on order along with the Season 2 set…knew there was a reason I was waiting…I just hope Xanta Claus delivers it personally

  2. I purchased this fine publication and was very impressed that it came in a sealed comic bag with cardboard backer. These fellows don’t mess around. If you have listened to one episode, this is worth buying. But let’s be honest, if you listened to one then you’ve listened to them all. I only read a few of the entries so far, but I scanned through the entire list. Several of my favorites are included (including one that should be obvious from my screename). I am very happy for one name on the list that may never have actually been reviewed in a match, but I talk about him so much that he had to be included. Now that I think of it, he was mentioned in the PWI bonus episode, but it was purely for my benefit. Hint – he’s from South Africa! This may literally be one of my favorite books ever, and I have THE big red wrestling book. Black Cat knows which one I’m talking about.

    It’s $13, it’s free shipping, and it would help them out tremendously. So go buy one ya turkey! And remember, any copies that aren’t sold have to be bought by Dre and The Black Cat’s parents. Oh and number 500 is a Jim dandy!

  3. Johnny Superfecta says:

    got my copy on Friday; pretty sweet. packed with nice inside jokes for listeners (of course Earl Hebner must be listed as “Hefner”) and surprisingly awesome illustrations – didn’t know you guys could draw, be it Dre’s hilarious cartoons or Black Cat’s sketches (the Salvador Dali-esque Abdullah the Butcher at the end is truly frightening.) Fascinating rankings; boy, I really feel like Edge and Christian are getting a bad rap here–not funny, I guess you missed the Raw where they cheered Kurt Angle up by playing his theme song on kazoos. Hm, was that really as funny as I remember it? I couldn’t think of a single name that wasn’t in the 500, except when I got to Francine’s entry…hey, where’s Beulah McGillicutty? Anyway, great book, glad I picked it up; I never leave feedback on the shows, but I love OSWP; you guys are a blast to listen to every couple weeks.

  4. holzhammer says:

    Don’t get this wrong: This wonderful book is my favourite read in the toilet. What better place and time to sit, relax and have a hearty laugh! Great Job guys!