#106 – High Flyers vs The East West Connection, March 22, 1981

We take a road trip up north this week for a spectacular match in a cage between two classic AWA tag teams that include four wrestling legends. Please support the show by visiting the OSWP store at flairchop.com. We just released the second season of OSWP. This box set features OSWP episodes 51-75, the amazing art of Dean Stahl, and two brand new episodes that will never be posted on the website with over four hours of new content. On our first bonus episodes we discuss the VERY FIRST NWA TNA Wrestling PPV from June 2002 and on the second bonus episodes we break down the 1992 PWI 500. There’s also a special bonus easter egg featuring a special visit from Stone Cold Dre Austin. All of this for only $9.99. Also available now is the David Crockett’s Thanksgiving Day OSWP poster. Click on the banner ads to the right to purchase these fine products today!

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  1. elvisboogens says:

    I’ve been looking, I can’t find any concrete info confirming Dusty’s record release…yet.

    Here’s my quick 123:
    1. The Ultimate Warrior’s tassles
    They contain the spirits of the warriors and allow him to transport himself through time and other dimensions. Wasn’t this part of the storyline in Warrior video game that was never released?

    2. The Million Dollar belt
    I’m a huge fan of wrestling belts. That one is snazzy, and inspired me to make MY own belt, since I’ll never win the winged eagle myself.

    3. Maxx Payne’s WWF logo guitar
    That thing is AWESOME. As a guitar player and a one time guitar collector, that guitar makes my mouth water. I don’t even care. The second coolest guitar ever (the first is James Hetfield’s EET FUK white Explorer).

    Speaking of animals: These days, we’re considering the treatment of all of those animals to be cruelty, right? I mean, Jake the Snake starved Damien to death apparently, but keeping a snake in a bag? Running down the isle tripping over the damn thing and strangling it? What about when the Islanders stole Matilda? During that match, Bobby was getting in the dogs face and screaming at it. And Frankie? That bird was always behaving like it was scared to death. When did use of animals finally stop?

  2. More AWA! Love the AWA reviews. I can’t believe you forgot the most important accessory in wrestling history. DLO’s CHEST PROTECTOR. The modern day Orton cast if you will. My other two would be Head, and Razor Ramon’s toothpick.

    So nice of Dusty to come in (especially during his current situation) to sing that wonderful song. The golden pipes of The American Dream will always make my day a special one.

  3. Bad News Boucher says:

    Guys, I normally like to stay far away from my phone and/or computer after a few beers, but I listened to the beginning of this episode earlier this evening and I have two comments I’d like to share before I go to bed:

    #1- 1981 is my jam

    #2- I think the announcer for this match is Roger Kemp

  4. BJ Eaglesfield says:

    Cowboy Bob broke his arm during his match with Jimmy Snuka in MSG, on the War To Settle The Score undercard in 1985.

  5. Ian Martin says:

    Haven’t seen the match but the announcer would’ve been Rod Trongard , who did work for the WWF in the late 80’s. Or it could’ve been Lord James Blears. Great show!

  6. Dan Cameron says:

    My top 3 pro wrestling accessories are Jimmy Hart’s Bullhorn, Junkyard Dog’s collar, and one of the first wrestling accessories…Gorgeous George’s perfume gun!

  7. sdjonesing says:

    My quick 1-2-3 accessories:

    #3- Jimmy hart’s megaphone…Still remember when the Fabulous Rougeau Brothers attacked the Rockers because they couldn’t stand that Marty and Shawn sang their theme song better than the Rougeaus…They injured Shawn’s throat so bad, he couldn’t sing anymore…So sad and weird considering the song was on tape…

    #2- Rick “the model” Martel’s arrogance atomizer…The thing looked like a bicycle pump with a soup can welded to it…But oh so dangerous…It blinded Jake Roberts and made his pupils disappear for a while there, for some reason…Potent stuff…I wear some all the time…

    #1- Greg Valentine’s shin protector AKA the Heartbreaker…In the late 80’s, “The Hammer” started using a shin guard that would somehow increase the effects of his figure-four leglock…The result? Lots of pain, agony and many broken bones…Enter “Rugged” Ronnie Garvin…He was sick of seeing Valentine injure defenseless dudes so he started using his own shin protector to counter Greg’s shin protector…He dubbed his “The Hammer Jammer”…Yup…They ended up feuding for a while and finally had a submission match at the 1990 Royal Rumble…Garvin won…For some reason, this feud really sticks out to me…No idea why, but I vividly remember all this…

    Thanks again for the great show!

  8. Was that Dee Dee Ramone’s “Funky Man” that was used as the beat for Dusty Rhodes’ “hit song?” Or was it Beastie Boys?

  9. SpecialGuestReferee says:

    Great stuff as always guys, keep up the good work.

    Dre’s Minnesota accent is outstanding. I deal with people from Minnesota (The Sunshine State) on a daily basis and I am always tempted to throw out an AWA reference to see if they get it.

    I used to watch AWA on ESPN Classic, I’d love to hear more of it. I do wish his name was legitimately Greg “The Neighbour” or “The Guy Down the Street” Gagne.

    I’ve always heard in any AWA interview I’ve seen it’s pronounced GONE-YA, but I’m Canadian so it always reads as GONE-YAY to me.

    The Dusty rap was literally LOL material, absolutely fantastic stuff.

    Also I listen to the Stone Cold podcast and Dre’s Stone Cold impression is also dead on.

    Quick 1,2,3

    3. The Mountie’s Cattle Prod (I’m Canadian, so I’m biased)
    2. Sting’s Bat (Never once connected with a real baseball swing)
    1. Hacksaw Jim Duggan (Doogan) 2 x 4

  10. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Hey Boys! Great show, as per usual! Anytime you go into the early 80’s, you get me hook, line and sinker. It’s funny, Dre’s Greg Gagne impersonation sounds very similar to Georgia Hart! I was waiting for him to come out with a “Hart the Fart”, for old times sake! Good shit!
    Regarding Stardust’s atempt at a recording career, according to his book, it was during his program with Superstar Graham. After one of their now-famous MSG matches, Vinnie Mac had Big Dust go to the legedary “Hit Factory” recording studio to record “Lets Get Funky”. After the session, Mc Mahon wanted the Fat Man to sign a lengthy contract regarding royalties for the song, and the like, and the blotchy spotted belly guy refused, killing his recording career before it started, if you will. That damn greedy Vince!!!
    As always, thanks for all you characters do! Love the new Quick 1,2,3 segment, by the way. Tits Mc Gee would love it!

  11. theburningzone says:

    were is the message board

  12. Any Minnesotan knows that standing outside during March is simply silly, so it makes sense why you guys were cold when you were standing around outside your car.

    Minnesota is a beautiful place to live, for sure. Out of the Twin Cities, we have a lot of beautiful small towns and resorts on our 10,000+ lakes! If anyone wants to take a trip to northern Minnesota, head up to Babbitt, Minnesota, which is south of Ely by 15 minutes and a tad east of Embarrass! A beautiful, middle-of-nowhere Minnesotan resort resides there, and my family goes there every end-of-July/early-August!

    Thanks for the show, gentlemen, and now Governor Ventura can prove that there isn’t a conspiracy theory in regards that the OSWP doesn’t wanna cover the in-ring, the refereein’, and the color-commentatin’ career of “the Body,” daddy-o!

  13. theburningzone says:

    what is happening with the old school wrestling podcast

  14. CrockettCup says:

    The message boards have disappeared into Parts Unknown…

  15. IanEvs79 says:

    The Minnesotan accent sounds a lot like a Canadian one 😉