#104 – The Ballad of Tommy Rich’s Mother, November 8, 1980

This week we dedicate our show to your mother, our mothers, and all the mothers out there in the world who have ever felt worried about their boys as they traveled the dark roads of this universe and cry out for them just to come home to their momma one last time. This week we talk about Tommy Rich and his mother. We also go over SummerSlam 88 feedback, have a great talk with Atomic Elbow about the new issue of his zine, and do a new Quick 123! And we are thrilled to announce the release of the Old School Wrestling Podcast: Season 2 box set! This box set features OSWP episodes 51-75, the amazing art of Dean Stahl, and two brand new episodes that will never be posted on the website with over four hours of new content. On our first bonus episodes we discuss the VERY FIRST NWA TNA Wrestling PPV from June 2002 and on the second bonus episodes we break down the 1992 PWI 500. There’s also a special bonus easter egg featuring a special visit from Stone Cold Dre Austin. All of this for only $9.99. Also available now is the David Crockett’s Thanksgiving Day OSWP poster. Click on the banner ads to the right to purchase these fine products today!

This episode has been archived in the Season 4 digital box set available for $9.99 at the OSWP Merch Store!


  1. holzhammer says:

    Well, it happened again!

    It’s saturday afternoon, I just came back from shopping in the supermarket. During atomic elbow’s run-in and the john-cena-car-horn-segment I had to laugh out loud and everybody in the shop was looking at me. I wear my earplug only on one side and it’s black so you don’t really see that I’m listening to your fine podcast.

    It happens regularly – in the subway, on the street etc.
    – and: I don’t even feel embarrassed about it. That’s the
    price for beeing an Old School Wrestling fan and – Goddammit! – I’m
    willing to pay for it.

    Thanks a lot for entertaining me once again.

    Love & Peace

  2. Dre says:

    Love it. Thank you brother.

  3. JamGlad says:

    Being a huge fan of The Office I can tell you that the Froggy 101 sticker is on the filing cabinet beside of Dwight Schrutes desk. I know it has nothing to do with wrestling but when it comes The Office I just have to chime in

  4. indiandeathlock says:


    That aside, this episode is hilarious. Robert’s Tommy Rich impression had me in tears and that John Cena car idea is the best I’ve heard this week. I had to watch the bits with Tommy Rich’s mother immediately upon returning home.

    I made this for you: http://31.media.tumblr.com/5b051fa07dbdff128e44ac5e1b04edc8/tumblr_mt7x0hH0Ul1r2wvazo1_400.gif

    • Dre says:

      Wow, that’s an awesome gif.

      I’ll have to check out my local library and see what all the hype is about.

  5. Frankie S. says:

    I hate Tommy Rich, but this was a great Episode!
    Loved Atmic Elbow’s tales of Tommy Rich and the Georgia Scene, now and in the 80s.

    top 3 Masks

    3. The Masked Superstar (Always my favortie Masked Wrestlrer)

    2. Tiger Mask ( looked like a guy who had a tigers head transplanted onto him)

    1. The Midnight Rider (that Mask had a lot of Charisma spewing out of it)

  6. Another great show gentlemen! I love these out of the box, wacky reiews. And I must say, for the first, and only time ever, I am going to go out and search for Tommy Rich material. Just to see his Momma take the flying bump off the stage.

    That reminds me of the “Wrestling Secrets Exposed” special they did on A&E or something where they told us that the Grandmother was in on it. She was all padded up underneath, and winked at the heel after he pushed her down. I think that has to be the wackiest wrestling special I have ever seen. You guys should think about reviewing it. It’s great comedy. And great opportunities to yell about the “secrets” they are exposing. And they act like everything is a scam. Yes, the scam of a backbreaker not actually breaking your back.

    QUICK 1-2-3!

    I left out Vader and La Parka since you guys brought them up on the show.

    1. Jushin Thunder Liger – no explanation necessary
    2. Dasher Hatfield – the old timey King of Swing – his head is a baseball
    3. Los Ice Creams – ice cream based tag team consisting of El Hijo Del Ice Cream and Ice Cream Jr. Their heads are ice cream.

  7. MeanGenesAwkwardInnuendos says:

    Love the shows. Might have to buy the box sets when I run out of iTunes episodes.

    Wanted to let you all know that if you did a Bezerker or Damien Demento match I might have to call in to work late that day. Just to sit in my living room, download a custom jobber and laugh and play while I listen.

    I wanted to mention, Savage was doomed to be the number two guy to Hogan ever since the tournament when he won the strap. The WWF planted the seeds that he couldnt get it done without the Hulkster.

  8. Who’s old lady bump was scarier? Tommy Rich’s mom’s fall off the stage or when Bubba Ray Dudley powerbombed Mae Young through a table off the stage?

    I heard an interview with George South that confirms what Beefcake said about WWF paying extra to jobbers who wrestled him and got their haircut. They also got a free haircut by WWF’s on-site beautician to clean up what Beefer had done. South got the bigger pay day several times to where they had to tell him to give someone else a chance.

  9. Jerryvonkramer says:

    I haven’t seen this Memphis stuff yet but you guys did such a tremendous job of recapping it that I actually feel like I’ve just seen it. Sounds awesome. I like that you guys are digging into this early 80s territories stuff.

  10. Jerryvonkramer says:

    You also talked about the JCP: Good Old Days documentary. In case anyone is interested, we did a long, detailed review of that doc on Where the Big Boys Play a while back:


    Keep up the great work guys, this is still one of my favourite shows to listen to.

  11. Jerryvonkramer says:

    Sorry for the triple post, but Robert is just so awesome. His Tommy Rich encounter made me laugh out loud. “Good guy stuff and bad guy stuff”, ha ha ha ha.

  12. SpecialGuestReferee says:

    Great episode as always. Atomic Elbow was phenomenal on the show, I look forward to hearing more from him in the future!

    Top 3 Masks

    3. Mortis (This was a pretty good mask for a non-luchador)

    2. The Great Muta (His entrance mask is pretty intimidating)

    1. Hayabusa (He should have been in Bloodsport)

    Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

  13. JBLCENAFAN says:

    top 3 Masks , 1) Akira Hokato in WCW 2) Flair as The Black Scorpion (awesome match he tried not to wrestle like himself 3) Dean Malenko as El Dandy

  14. theburningzone says:

    A couple of weeks a go in my small town of about 6 000 people that had a music concert in the library rock band Bandolier played some of their songs now it was on a day that the library was normally closed .

  15. SlingshotSuplex says:

    Libraries are the only thing I like more than old school wrestling.