#101 – John Cena v Brock Lesnar, April 27, 2003

Yo yo yo yo OSWP. You might not think this is OLD SCHOOL, but guess what it’s 10 YEARS OLD. You’re just jealous cause John Cena is hotter than Dark Journey’s night gown. Don’t worry, we’re also talking about that beast Brock Lesnar who will make you scream a few curse words if you look at him wrong and make you crap your paints like you’ve just eaten some Wisconsin cheese curds, so plug in those ear buds and listen to OSWP number one oh one.

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  1. bad bad denny Brown says:

    Love the show love you guys.
    Never gonna sell me on these two guys.
    Never liked either one, lesnar always looks sloppy and dangerous and cena is simply lame, not a bad wrestler,just lame and generic esp when he was doing his white rapper sthick.

  2. Great show as always guys. I actually stopped after the match review to give my thoughts before they float away. I was listening in the car on the way to work and actually took a couple of notes by yelling words into my phone. FYI, my phone hears Cena, and gives me Sena.

    I must preface this by admitting that I have, on several, several occasions, professed my hatred for John Cena on the board. However, I don’t think I mentioned (or maybe I did and just forgot), that I LOVED the Thuganomics John Cena. When he brought back the old Cena for a few promos against The Rock, I loved it. My attitude against Cena is basically because of what he is now. The “white meat babyface” as Dre would put it, that hardly ever loses, and is pretty damn boring if you ask me. I think he needs to freshen up his character a bit. Or he’s doing fine with all the kid and mom money and I should just shut up.

    Dre had mentioned that he likes John Cena more than Lex Luger. I think everyone in the entire matter space of the universe and beyond would choose John Cena over Lex Luger. Way to undersell how much you love John Cena.

    And as far as wrestlers I would be most intimidated by in the last two decades, Scott Steiner is by far number one. I think he almost killed John Pollock because he called the Frankensteiner a hurricanrana.

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  3. Just listened to the second half of the podcast. I love Bar Rescue. I just got into it this summer and it’s great. Every episode is the same. Bar owner calls in this guy for help, he tells them what’s wrong with their bar, they don’t want to make any of the changes. He yells at them, and his team changes the bar anyway. The inept bartenders suddenly are master mixologists 2 days later, kitchens that were horror shows are now pumping out quality eats. And John Taffer has rescued another bar, all while putting in not so subtle plugs for the sponsors. “We had Cintas come in and refit the whole kitchen.”

    I can totally imagine Hogan having a yelling match with this guy.

    Hogan – “Listen here brother. The Hulk Hogan name is what sells.”
    John Taffer – “I don’t give a shit about the Hulk Hogan name. You are losing 15k a month. At this rate you’ll be out of business in two months. You need to make some serious changes.”
    Hogan – “Sorry, brother, I just can’t do it. I know what I’m doing.”
    Taffer – “If you know what you are doing, then why are you averaging 5 customer a day? You called me in to fix this place, and that’s what I’m going to do.”
    Hogan pushes Taffer, and Taffer leaves, saying “Maybe I won’t even come back tomorrow.” Spoiler alert, he always comes back. And something about making the kitchen staff stay overnight to clean the gross kitchen.

    End Scene

  4. Ian says:

    Hi Guys,

    The WM 19 documentary you we’re talking about hosted by Jesse Ventura was called, ‘The Mania of Wrestlemania’. As Dre pointed out it was on released on DVD, and I think it even aired on UPN when Smackdown aired on that network. This is also the documentary that showed when Stone Cold went to the hospital the evening before his match with the Rock.

  5. sdjonesing says:

    Awesome show once again…After listening to this, I kinda regret giving that ticket stub away for nothing…I don’t know what I was thinking…That thing was buried in a drawer full of crap for about ten years, so I didn’t think twice before sending it off…Oh well…Btw, the secret santa thing was exactly what was described on the show…Sounded like a fun idea at the time…Thank god I have good karma awaiting me…Lol

  6. Jamglad says:

    As I’m listening to this episode I looked at Bret Hart’s Wikipedia page and it states that Bret’s youngest daughter’s name is Alexandria and that her nickname is Beans. Again this is Wikipedia so take it for what it’s worth

    • Dogfaced Kremlin says:

      Yep, that’s correct.

      Somewhere in the Bret Hart Bible, I think it states her nickname “Beans” comes from her middle names, which is Sabina.

      Still, Black Cat’s line about “not Googling “Beans Hart” at work, made me laugh!

  7. For what it’s worth, Big Show beat Brock for the belt at the Survivor Series after the Summer Slam where Brock beat the Rock. So while Brock did beat Angle for the belt at WM 19, Brock didn’t lose it to Angle before that to set up the Mania match.

    Do I know the guy Jook knew in college who reminds him of John Cena?

    Loved Dre’s Jack Tunney impression!

    In what world does Booker T. stand 7 feet tall and weight 300 lbs? I don’t doubt he seemed that big in person.

    Dre, you were trying to wind down from a flight so you went to the vending machine for a Mountain Dew?

    I once saw Samoa Joe at an airport and followed him to say hi. I say there’s so shame in Dre following Booker T.

    I love eggs!

    I can vouche for Lisa Marie Varon’s Squared Circle in Chicago. It’s a bit pricey, but I had the JR’s Breakfast Burger which includes bacon, a fried egg, a hash brown cooked in duck fat, and JR’s chipotle ketchup. It was messy and really, really good. Bondage made fun of me for taking forever to eat it because I was trying to keep my face and fingers as clean as possible. To save my own life, I opted for a salad as my side as opposed to fries or tater tots. Ms. Varon/Tara/Victoria was there and was very personable and friendly. The night we went happened to be trivia night. Our table, which included the likes of Zero, Bondage, Super Tito, Wildkat, AM Vision, and Big Daddy, answered all the questions. If I go again, it’ll either be to see a free PPV or I’ll go on a Tuesday where they have $1 beers all day.

    After listening to several episodes of the Steve Austin Show, I’m disappointed by the lack of the use of the words “tremendous” and “tremendously.”

  8. Fine gentlemen,

    Many years ago, when Momma Darsie and I were staying in Superior, WI (suburb of Duluth, MN), at the hotel we stayed at, there was a local Perkins that was a part of it, kind of like a two-in-one thing-of-a-bob.

    Anyways, that Perkins offered…MEAN GENE PIZZA! Yes, Mean Gene Okerlund offered pizza! I remember Momma D and I ordering it, and I enjoyed it, but wasn’t the best pizza I ever had. I had to say it was better than most anything Pizza Hut had to offer and on par with Domino’s, in my opinion.

    Also, in regards to the WCW Nitro Grill in Las Vegas, Momma D went with one of her sisters to Vegas over my birthday back in 1998 (I believe) and bought me a WCW Nitro hat from the Grill. I can’t remember or not if she and my aunt had a meal there or not, but I remembered they stopped there, maybe for a birthday meal on my birthday, without me. 🙁 Life goes on, haha.

  9. Crack buck says:

    Hey guys Thanks for Finally Reading my Comment on the Podcast. I’ve Been Listening to your Podcast since late 2011. Bret was’nt Wrestling with Shadows, he was wrestling with Assholes (Shawn and Diesel).

  10. Bryan Pflanz says:

    Hey Boys,

    Great episode, which is saying something because it followed your best episode EVER! However, I enjoyed the feedback section better than the actual show itself! Eversince the firstime I saw “Wrestling With Shadows”, I’ve always cracked up at the “Hart The Fart” comment, still do to this day! Dre’s amazing Canadien accent coupled with the “Beans” Hart comment had me howling! Good Shit! By the way, I was at the “Win A Date With Luger” Bash show at the Philadelphia Civic Center, and it brought the show to a screetching halt! As bad as Luger’s in-ring skills were, Luger reading off of a piece of paper asking questions to the big haired – stone washed jeans girls was a hundred times worse! It sucked! It did, however, give me and my buddies the opportunity to go out and get more beer without missing any of the matches, so I guess it wasn’t all bad! We had most of the people in our section pissed off at us that night, as we cheered for the heels all night and were huge Horsemen fans, and were getting into it with these dopes wearing Nikita Koloff t-shirts! Ah… nothing like late 80’s Crockett wrestling. It will always have a place in my heart! Not Hart The Fart, just my heart! Thanks for all you guys do, the 2nd season box set is outstanding!!

  11. Only just started listening to this episode and have got to the bit where the guys are discussing the Power Plant and thought you might like this.

    Its a BBC documentary from the late 90’s by a guy called Louis Theroux. His treatment at the hands of the Power Plant is priceless


  12. samseeder says:

    Lesnar and Benjamin tag team in ovw was called the Minnesota stretching crew .

  13. IanEvs79 says:

    Tremendous show, guys 😉

  14. IanEvs79 says:

    I haven’t really watched much of WWE in the last 15 years, but from interviews with Cena, he seems a nice enough fellow. I’ve also heard Lesner was one of the safest big guys to work with.