A look back at the first 100 episodes….

Our dear friend Dead Reckoning, with help from Milldog311, Bad News Boucher, and Indian Deathlock recently sent us an amazing and touching thirty minute retrospective of the first 100 episodes. Thanks guys! Enjoy! And we are thrilled to announce the release of the Old School Wrestling Podcast: Season 2 box set! This box set features OSWP episodes 51-75, the amazing art of Dean Stahl, and two brand new episodes that will never be posted on the website with over four hours of new content. On our first bonus episodes we discuss the VERY FIRST NWA TNA Wrestling PPV from June 2002 and on the second bonus episodes we break down the 1992 PWI 500. There’s also a special bonus easter egg featuring a special visit from Stone Cold Dre Austin. All of this for only $9.99. Also available now is the David Crockett’s Thanksgiving Day OSWP poster. Click on the banner ads to the right to purchase these fine products today!


  1. This is The Tits!!! I love it when a plan comes together. Dead Reckoning wanted to do something to commemorate the big 100th episode, and I stupidly told him of my ability to use Audacity to make clips of files. So we banded together, listened to a bunch of episodes, and DR and myself clipped all the sound bites that we got ourselves, and those that Bad News Boo-shay and Ms Deathlock were kind enough to send us as well.

    Then DR took the unenviable task of taking what were probably hundreds of clips, and putting them all together, not to mention recording intros to each section. I can’t imagine how much time he spent on this, but it came out perfect.

    We weren’t able to get something from every episode, but I think it’s a great sample of what the show has to offer.

    It was a great excuse to listen to old OSWP episodes!!!

    Buy the box sets!!!

  2. Dead Reckoning says:

    It was a joy and a privelige to do this with Milldog, Bad News and Deathlock. It was so much fun to pit the clips together, the hard part was what to leave out, especially knowing how much time and effort everyone put in. It was a case of listening to each one, picking the best bits, noting the tim3 and length and sending them to Mildog for clipping. Thats a surprisingly long process.

    Truth is that we used clips from only about 35 epsodes (only!) But that was plenty.it was already 27 minutes long.

    I hope everyone enjoys it. We may do another for number 150 .