Announcing the OSWP Season 2 Box Set!

We are thrilled to announce the release of the Old School Wrestling Podcast: Season 2 box set! This box set features OSWP episodes 51-75, the amazing art of Dean Stahl, and two brand new episodes that will never be posted on the website with over four hours of new content. On our first bonus episodes we discuss the VERY FIRST NWA TNA Wrestling PPV from June 2002 and on the second bonus episodes we break down the 1992 PWI 500. There’s also a special bonus easter egg featuring a special visit from Stone Cold Dre Austin. All of this for only $9.99. Also available now is the David Crockett’s Thanksgiving Day OSWP poster. Click on the banner ads to the right to purchase these fine products today!


  1. holzhammer says:

    already arrvied here in sunny vienna (austria)…

    thanx guys!

  2. “Thanks for buying. We’re about to present you some shit.”

    Loved that line during the review of the first ever NWA TNA PPV.