#98 – Dick the Bruiser and The Crusher v The Texas Outlaws, March 9, 1973

We dive into uncharted waters in this week’s episode (read: before our time) and discuss this classic tag team match between four of the greatest wrestlers of all-time, Dick the Bruiser, The Crusher, Dusty Rhodes, and Dick Murdoch, and then take a look at an old wrestling article in the second half of the episode. Please support the podcast by visiting flairchop.com where you can buy our tremendous “mail-order wrestling gimmicks” t-shirt, posters, and the box set of our first 50 episodes. You can also get a free OSWP sticker by leaving a comment on the iTunes store.

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  1. SlingshotSuplex says:

    Another great show! If you really want to experience Bruiser & Crusher at the Amphitheatre, you should look into Bob Luce footage, of which there is plenty on youtube. He did local TV in Chicago in the ’70s featuring AWA & WWA stars who worked Chicago. He’s nuts, mostly incoherent and celebrates bloodshed, but it’s the most authentic ’70s Chicago wrestling experience.

  2. By the mask of Lazor-Tron was this episode great! My best friend in high school told me me about 70’s AWA as he (originally) was from Racine, WI. His dad used to watch a bunch of matches in Chicago & Milwaukee. My friend told me: “Dood, The Bruiser & The Crusher were a hella better tag-team than Hawk & Animal. They could make the Road Warriors look like a buncha FLEAS!” Also, there’s dis classik Midwest garage rawk tune by da Novas about da Crusher: http://youtu.be/YvBN3C2wepY
    and ‘da sequel:

    “He (The JYD) just grabbed the mic.” So, one of your mics is made outta cakes? (‘Cause apparently the dog doesn’t care what it takes).

    Woof! Woof!

  3. Another great guest spot, this time by the JYD! He doesn’t quite fit into the barrel chested, beer gutted, still kinda buff category, but he’s close. Well let’s say early career he fit the mold, when he returned to WCW about 115 pounds overweight, he did not.

    I think the round buff category is best portrayed by The Iron Sheik and Scott Norton. They look kinda paunchy or beer belly-ish, but have jacked arms.

    As far as describing Crusher and Bruiser, all I can think of is Ray Stevens. I saw him on an old AWA episode (of course I did), and he was mostly pudge with a bit of muscle, and had a bleach blond dutch boy haircut. And oh how the fans loved him.

  4. Was that JYD or Fat Albert I heard in this podcast?

    I remember JYD’s bark being more like an “arf arf” instead of a “woof woof.” His pre-match promo from Wrestlemania III against Harley Race is a classic. He don’t ever bow to no king. He don’t ever bow to no queen. The only one he’s bowing to is the–arf arf–Good Lord above.

    I feel like it’s been a while since you guys have done feedback.

    Iron Sheik’s gut back when he was in his best shape always confused me. It stuck out like a beer gut, but he had rock solid six-pack abs. How does that work?

  5. Frankie S. says:

    JYD or Fred Sanford? both do the Junkyard Workout.

  6. I am consistently amazed at the clibre of guests you have on this show. JYD? Even Vince couldn’t get him to appear in person at the hall of Fame ceremony.

    As I was listening, I was thinking about where Bruiser and Crusher would fit in todays wrestling world. Would they even have a job?

    Would Bruiser be Brodius Clay? Would they be low ranking members of Aces & Eights?

  7. The British Bullfrog says:

    Great interview with JYD!

    The days of the classic wrestling mags are as important to my childhood memories as the matches themselves. As wrestling in the UK was limited, PWI was sometimes the best way to keep up to date with the facts and the truth behind wrestling.

    I used to go straight to the top 10 lists.

    Reading my latest purchase I would be often outraged:

    “No way should the Varsity Club be ranked higher than The Young Stallions!”

    Or confused:

    “The Road Warriors Most Hated?!” Upon reading the magazine I would discover they had turned on Sting.

    “Ah that’s why!”

    Another favourite was the Wrestling Enquirer section.

    Bill Apter “Hey guys, we don’t have anymore pictures of Dusty Rhodes bleeding. Shall we do the ‘News’ feature again?”

    The best one of these stories I read left me concerned for all pro wrestlers. It was about a guy who had gone to deepest darkest Africa and discovered a relative of Kamala. He was said to be bigger, badder and much more dangerous than the Ugandan Giant. The article ended with the intrepid explorer claiming “I just hope some madman doesn’t find him and bring him into wrestling”

    Now older and wiser I wonder if someone had tried to bring this person to wrestling, maybe they could’ve saved themselves a long journey and tried looking Mississippi first?

    The naivety of youth!